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Wire Wrap Super Shift Time Piece Pocket Watch 1

"Time to Watch" Series predents a Limited Edition.

A bronze wire wrapped, elegant antiqued brass pocket watch is adorned with an amazing eye which shifts colors drastically!

The center of the 22mm eye is a Teal/Green that can turn cerulean, slate, violet, fusha and deep purple. Behind that is a stark layering of green's black and blues.

The watch currently works too! (it may need a new battery soon but hey, that's easy to fix right?).

Other Photo: [link]

Available for Purchase Here: [link]
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I love love love it. So what type of wire do you use to get it wrapped so intricately? Any special secrets or tips?
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I use different gauges of jewelry wire. The secret really is to take your time, and every 5-10 coils and wraps, tighten (push together) your wrapping so that it looks neat and precise even if when you first wrapped it, it wasn't ^^
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These are amazing, especially the one on the lower right. I somehow imagine the actual numbers inside the watch being raised, bumpy, clear domes in the shaped of the 12 numbers of a clock or maybe in asain calligriphic numbers. I somehow imagine each of these numbers glowing a different color and an entire world on the other side of each colored number. Somehow these numbers would contain a difference sequence of worlds as the clock changed in time.
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Ah how I wish I could create something so vivid, lifted from a dream as thus.
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This one is so cool! :heart:
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome!
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So pleased you like it! :heart:
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OMG, u Really kill the enderman O.O
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