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Aisling Pride

Found in a great mountain range, the Aisling pride fits in well to both the dark pine forests that grow on the lower reaches of the ridges, and the bare rock and snow that reigns in the higher altitudes. Their densite is hidden in a clever location- though once a cave, the high rock ceiling had fallen in, leaving a clear, calm site for the pride to settle in- with sunlight and high rock walls, if you don't know your way through the tunnels, the only way in is if you jump... And no one survives the fall. This glade is filled with moss, smooth rocks and has a creek that runs through, providing the perfect hideaway for the pride, as well as providing as many dens as the growing pride needs in the way of the surrounding cave structure. These provide a convenient mode of transportation around the territory, and beyond- trespasser beware, an Aisling Felireth could come from anywhere....

(Territory map is a WIP but shall be here presently)

Pride Loyalists


Leader of the Pride. A gender neutral term, the Pridelord's word is law. The position may never be shared, it must belong only to one, for the benefit of the Pride.

Rosiel by LadyPipen

Council of the Pride

The Pride's Elite. Each is in charge of some aspect of the pride- be they Lead Hunter, Head of the Guard, Lord Scout or Nursery Queen. They each assist the Pridelord and advise in addition to their own duties.

Master of the Hunt OPEN

Head of the Guard OPEN

Lord/Lady Scout OPEN

Nursery Queen OPEN(must be female)

Shaman OPEN

Headmaster OPEN


Under Rosiel's rule, the Aisling Pride gained an appreciation for lineage. And so, the Pridelord keeps many mates- his or her Consorts. They are spared from the rigor and duties of a normal Pridemember, should they choose a life of luxury, in exchange for the Pridelord maintaining exclusive breeding rights. They are regarded nearly as highly as Heirs.

None, at the moment


The lifeblood of the Aisling Pride, as there can be no Pride without food to eat.

None, at the moment


The Pride's first and last line of defense. Warriors live and die for their Pride, defending the young and the old.

None, at the moment

Nursery Queens

Not to be confused with the Nursery Queen, females pregnant or rearing cubs find a place here, insuring the future of the pride. Unlike the Nursery Queen, a queen will have a place elsewhere in the pride, as a huntress or warrior, when not raising kittens.

None, at the moment


Led and taught by the Shaman, Healers are specialized Felireth who convene with the spirits of the Beyond, as well as tending to the health and spiritual needs of the Pride.

None, at the moment


Once they reach a juvenile age, kittens are expected to choose a path. Once they declare their intent, they are given a mentor in the rank they have chosen, and their training begins. Once they prove themselves worthy, they graduate in rank from Apprentice, to a full Felireth of their rank.

None, at the moment.


The future of the Pride is secure.

None, at the moment.

Pride Laws



None, at the moment


None, at the moment

(Leave a comment for roleplay opportunity to become allies or enemies!)

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Submitted on
July 4, 2015