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Pipen's Ranch Hub

Thu Oct 26, 2017, 8:17 AM

I'm BACK baby and I'm ready to rumble-
Though this journal is a WIP until I get fully situated back into the group <3


If I gift or sell you a Pokemon, come back to me before selling it so I can have a chance at taking it back- especially if it's a canon baby!

Roleplay Rules~
I do roleplay! I am a mite slow, but I do! But please remember that I work fulltime and my first priority is my own roleplaying site, Croatan- so if I get slow, please don't pester me. If several days pass without a reply, that's fair- pester me, but if you go a day without a post? I'm busy darlin, be patient <3

Other than that, my rules are very simple and basic common sense! Don't godmod, powerplay, or use my characters without prior permission. Don't push me into ships or situations I haven't agreed to and please, NO NSFW situations. 

Lifemate Rules~
I'm generally open to discussion for the most part! Each of my Pokemon are an individual with individual interests and characteristics- some may be down for a same-sex mate, others may not. Some may be totally down with poly! Others less so. It all depends on the characters and the ship! I don't do lifemate contests for this reason- I will keep everyone to the side until I have a plot I enjoy for them and their ship, so please, if you have genuine interest and an idea, let me know!

That being said, I do have a few hard rules. First, I will never allow NSFW art or stories if my Pokemon are involved- you do you, but not with me. Secondly, I don't do multishipping, period. That means that if I take the character and say, make them a human on Croatan- you don't have to worry, they will be unshippable there whether you follow or not! However, I expect the same courtesy. If I catch you mating off with other Pokemon in another group or shipping the same character elsewhere, I'm pulling it off.

And lastly- don't make me do everything, please! The reason Daffu and I have so many pairs is because we both engage and enjoy the ship- that's what makes it fun! If you just claim the ship and then..... Sit and never do anything again, I will pull my Pokemon out(And this doesn't count where you do have interest and talk with me and just haven't had time to upload art or rp- don't worry, I have a life to and completely understand <3)

Lily of the Valley

Headed by Hypatia Florence, Lily of the Valley is hidden close to the coast, protected by dragons and legends alike- the siren likes her space, it seems. Her Pokemon certainly think she does.

Prominent Families
Lucky's Lineage- 
Quite a few of Lucky's daughters and granddaughters have made their home in Lily of the Valley, though all of them maintain a good relationship with the rest of their family. Canon family includes the patriarch, Lucky, his eldest daughter Penny, his only son Fortune Cookie, Dreamcatcher's littermate (who is unreffed), and Jade's littermate, Eleanor

Pookie(unreffed)- Lucky's lifemate after some.... Strange circumstances. 
Dream Catcher(unreffed)- one of Lucky's youngest daughters.
Jade(unreffed)- One of Lucky's youngest granddaughters and one of Penny's younger daughters.
Patina(unreffed)- Lucky's eldest granddaughter and Penny's eldest daughter.

Starshine's Lineage- WIP, still tracking down clutches.

Need Lifemates
Will be updated as I upload refs
PI - Potentilla by LadyPipen PI - Duskfall by LadyPipen PI - Beezie by LadyPipen PI - Ripple by LadyPipen PI - Jojo by LadyPipen PI - Flintlock by LadyPipen PI - Ice Hunter by LadyPipen PI - Jetstream by LadyPipen PI - Dreamcatcher by LadyPipen PI - Feather Whiskers by LadyPipen PI - Samhain by LadyPipen PI - Aodhfin by LadyPipen PI - Coral by LadyPipen PI - Grand Smith by LadyPipen PI - Freesia by LadyPipen PI - Ziggy by LadyPipen Amanthia by LadyPipen PI - Tybalt by LadyPipen

The Library of Alexandria

Alexandria was originally just a library, but a town has sprouted around the fount of knowledge and since then has become a trading hub and center for scholars, all headed by Ini-Herit Bakari, the original librarian and founder of Alexandria. 

Prominent Families
Simon and Aurther's Lineage-
 Only one of their children landed in Alexandria, but he is a well-appreciated keeper of knowledge, despite disappearing into his work. Canon family includes patriarchs Simon and Arthur, and many.... many children.

Alexander(unreffed)- One of Arthur and Simon's many sons.

Need Lifemates
Will be updated as I upload refs
PI - Mercury by LadyPipen PI - Buttercup by LadyPipen PI - Memphis by LadyPipen PI - Nightstalker by LadyPipen PI - Burr by LadyPipen PI - Stain by LadyPipen PI - Noel by LadyPipen

Alden Acres

A sweet little farm passed down over the generations until landing into the capable hands of miss Annie Alden. A sweet woman, Annie has turned her farm into a gentle refuge for a great many Pokemon, great and small, and happily mothers them all- including a few strangers who care to visit!

Prominent Families
None at this time

Need Lifemates
Will be updated as I upload refs
PI - Sugar Snack by LadyPipen PI - Yuletide by LadyPipen


To-do List-
Starshine x Koneko
  3 Hybrids, 1 Pinkan, 1 Mutant, 1 Shiny (3 Males)
Starkissed x Eye of the Beholder
  2 Hybrids, 1 Shiny, 1 Delta (2 Males)
Starkissed x Scribbles
  2 Hybrids, 1 Delta (1 Male, 1 Female)

Oddity Wishlist-
Autumn Breeze Serperior
Music Blessed Pokemon
Cotton Candy Mega Altaria
Traquility & Discord Magikarp
Chocolate Buneary and/or Bunnelby
Oneiroi Hypno
Pheonix Chick Torchic
Festive Bells Chingling
Trick or Treat Noibat
Galaxy Pikachu
Moonglow Venomoth
Firefly Flygon
Cupid Togepi

Reccomended Ranches~

Some I have In-Character connections with, others are just run by some HELLA neat people and you should go love them, yes. Gogogo-

Daffodil Grove(which I will link once Daffu gets her ass in gear and makes a hub) - Owned by Daffupanda 
Eversong Woods - Owned by Enalon 
Misfits Ranch - Owned by KikiLime

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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Daffupanda Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Imma steal this format >_> later after work today
LadyPipen Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Daffu stealin all my shit..... My Canon/Noncanon method..... My "OTA" clutch method.... Now my ranch hub method... xD
Daffupanda Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
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xD (Ofc bby how could I EVER say no to the precious fucking face??)
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