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Feed a Ferret - 2018 Commissions

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 7:42 AM

Lemme kick out my beggar's cap cuz I'm hungry and wanna get some lunch

Colored Sketch - 10$
I Can Wait by LadyPipen

Fullbody Feral - 15$
Candy Pirates! by LadyPipen [Love is in the Air] Flying Fish by LadyPipen
WW - Namid by LadyPipen The Lady by LadyPipen

Fullbody Humanoid - 25$
CC - Hypatia by LadyPipen WW - MYO Entry Adela by LadyPipen

Sketched Illustration - 20$

Full Illustration - 30$

Feral Design Commissions - 20$

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it makes me uncomfortable. Themes I will NOT do are - Excessive gore, non-con NSFW or feral/non-feral NSFW. 
  • ... Otherwise I will sell out, but NSFW images add 50$ to your total price. 
  • Art takes time - however, if you are waiting longer than 2 months, you will get a full refund.
  • I will gladly re-do and fix any mistakes I might make on your character.... Unless it is an error due to an insufficient reference- in which case I will charge 5$ per change.

  • Each additional character, or exceedingly complicated character designs, will add a 10$ charge to your final total.
  • I.... Am likely going to change prices until I find a range that fits best, since I'm very new to offering commissions. Therefore, whatever prices are offered when you ask for a commission are the prices you will be charged- you will not be billed higher if they rise while I'm working on your commission, nor will you be refunded if they're lowered.
  • Until further notice, all human commissions will be single character only- If you'd like to double the price of the commission I will attempt to add another human character, but I'm simply not confident enough in my abilities to try to draw humans interacting- I'm still learning basic human anatomy!
  • You heard right, ladies and gents- I will give a 20% discount if the character you are commissioning is part of the following groups or species!
Current Waiting List
  • Open
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  • Open

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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January 1