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Thu Apr 19, 2018, 5:45 AM

-Deep breath-

I'm sure my watchers remember earlier this week, when I had some unusually large bills that were making me nervous. I had thought I'd be A-OK regardless, and I would have been....

If not for the fact that the very next day, work called me and I had to be pulled off the schedule for some licensing issues. What was supposed to be a few hours to get it renewed became two days to re-apply for my license, as well as a hefty fee, and now..... Now I really am worried because I'm pretty fucked- I have car payments and living expenses that can't really take a week of half-pay and a week of nearly no pay.

So Here is my last journal - this is still open, and same deal on adopts, but everything else? Pay what you want. 1-10$ will net you anything from fullbodies down, and 10$ and up can get you anything. Anything.

I'm even selling out. Betcha'll didn't know I drew NSFW. I will draw you good ole porn. I have no shame. Though these are conditional prices still so just.... Note me about em.

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April 19, 2018