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CC Design/Art Commissions

Wed Feb 21, 2018, 8:52 AM


AKA Pippy wants Jimmy Johns and got no money- feed a ferret a sandwich, won't you?

Anyway- this is open for PKMN-CrescentCavern and PKMNation members only, since they will generally be cheaper than my commissions that aren't for the groups. I'll update with better art as I draw and grow <3

Design Commissions

2 Traits/Mixes/Blends - 5USD/500 Points

The simple stuff! A shiny/Variant Pidove, a Water Type Pidove, or an Eevee/Pidove- they're fairly straightforward designs, and take little time to finish so depending on your place in line, they are usually done within a day!
CC - Fiana by LadyPipen CC - William by LadyPipen CC - Ice Hunter by LadyPipen

3 Traits - 10USD/1000 Points

The less simple- a Shiny/Variant Pidove/Eevee and beyond. Depending on how used I am to the Pokemon and types asked, they can be done fairly quick- within a day- or they could take a little bit of time, though no more than a week.
CC - Georgia by LadyPipen CC - Galaxy Noodles Clutch by LadyPipen

4 Traits - 15USD/1500 Points

The biggies- 4 traits is a big order and depending on how comfortable I am with the traits and Pokemon included, it can take anywhere from two days to a full week. 
CC - Aedammair by LadyPipen

ART Commissions

Iiiiiiii will update this once I have proper examples to put up- UNTIL THEN please, comment, note or PM me on discord, if you're interested!

Waiting List -
Velnyx - 1 3-trait, 1 2-trait - Started
Artemideus - 4 2-traits - Not Started

  • Don't claim you made the design- it goes without saying, but <3
  • Don't re-upload the art, unless it's on toyhouse(And please credit my Toyhouse account, LadyPipen, if you do add it to TH!).
  • Please don't use the design commission art as ref images. I may add it to art commissions later- but at a higher price because it personally bothers the hell outta me ;- ; 
  • Payment is due before I begin- however, if I have not finished your commission within a month of starting it, let me know and I will give you a full refund! 
  • Please let me know any specific details you want before I send you the finished piece! If I have to add excessive detail or redraw the Pokemon completely, you will be charged have the price of the original commission as a fee.(Though if the mistake is mine alone- I forgot to include something you wanted, or misinterpreted what you wanted, the edits are made free of charge.)

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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