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Tue Mar 13, 2018, 8:12 AM

WW - MYO Entry Adela by LadyPipen

Sex: Female
Age: 16/17
Background: Bastard
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Stage: Woodwife Apprentice - in service to Maristela
Familiar: Golden Crowned Flying Fox - Diwa
Truth: No Cloak/TBA
History: Aldela was born the illegitimate child to a Spanish mother and Filipino father- she never knew her father, though her true mother was bold enough to never allow herself to be absent from the child's life. Though her family- being wealthy, travelling to the Philippines to oversee and direct the start of a new province, as well as govern the region- disapproved greatly, Adela was never led to believe that the serving woman her grandparents passed off as her mother was her mother in truth. From the very beginning her mother doted on her much as she was able, and Adela had very little want or work in her world, partially due to her mother's insistence and dotage, and partially due to her own shy, quiet nature. One might believe she was born a mute.

Though her illegitimacy barred her from any prospects, her mother did her damnest to give her daughter a good life- not only though spoiling as a child, but also by refusing marriage, and sneaking the child out at a young age to study with a local Woodwife. Hard labor was no life for a lady of any breeding, even half- magic was a life of opportunity and adventure. Even once Adela found Diwa, her familiar, her mother simply waved off her grandparent's concern with claims it was a gift of a pet... But the damage was done.

Tired of their daughter's wild ways, Adela's grandparents decided enough was quite enough. Though they could not manage any peaceful way to separate the woman from her terrible daughter, she and Adela were boarded on a ship with her Grandmother, headed back to Spain and more civilized company, to find Adela's mother a husband and Adela herself an apprenticeship to something respectable... Little to her knowledge, Adela's mothers- both the serving woman who posed and her mother in truth- set out to finish what they started the moment they made land in Spain, finding a Woodwife to send poor, dear Adela to, to finish her training before her Grandmother sent her on to something worse.
Likes: Pretty Dresses, Fashion, Paintings and Flowers
Dislikes: Strong Sunlight, her Grandparents, Liars
Talents: TBD - Still in Training, but shows promise in redirection and illusions
Weaknesses: TBD - Still in Training, but seems to struggle with runes and rituals
Extra Info: Adela has hearing and sight sensitivities- incredibly bright lights and incredibly loud or grating sounds are difficult for her and can cause varying levels of pain- she does best in quiet places with dim light, though she can survive elsewhere. She is very much not a mute, but developed a very shy attitude when young- living in a loud household and tending to bring yelling and harsh scolding when she brought attention to herself was not incredibly pleasant for a child with her sensitivities.

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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Submitted on
March 13, 2018