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Geno Sales - Mutations, Chimera

Fri Jun 1, 2018, 3:03 PM

I didn't want to do this- but when it comes down to it, I need to get to Spain this summer and I'm not going to be able to afford it- and I've been sitting on these Genos for too long, and it'll likely take more money to get them designed still- SO.

I'm selling. USD or points only, please. there are a few I'm tentative on that I'll leave open for offers, but unless I get an offer I cannot refuse on it, I will keep it.

Female - Common Harpia - 40$ OBO
Nocturnal - Healthy
Scorched Jay Silver Snow with Blanket and Streaks

Male - Common Harpia - 30$ OBO
Crepuscular - Healthy
Tipped Hooded Stained Ringed Jay Snow with Ink, Crescent and Unders

Female - Silken Gryph - 30$ OBO
Nocturnal - Healthy
Scorched Soil with Unders and Blanket

Male - Common Gryph - 30$ OBO
Diurnal - Healthy
Tipped Barred Canary Silver Soil with Ink and Eclipse

Taking Offers

Female - Silken Hawk - Minimum Offer 80$
Crepuscular - Healthy
Ee/aa/ss/nCs/nSbl/nSt/nRng // Ee/aa/ss/nCs/nSbl/nSt/nSc/nH/nRng
Stained Ringed Sable Nox with Crescent // Scorched Hooded Stained Ringed Sable Nox with Crescent

Male - Common Cara - Minimum offer 60$
Crepuscular - Healthy
Frosted Ringed Nox Pangare with Ink, Flight, Pauldron, Crescent, Moon, Unders and Owldrop

Female - Silken Cara - Minimum offer 60$
Nocturnal - Healthy
Frosted Stained Silver Tabby Snow with Helm, Unders and Blanket

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PKMN-CC Sales Journal

Mon May 21, 2018, 9:30 AM

Here you can find all of my open clutches and sales- I'll update periodically with new sales as I have them!

  • Before re-selling it, please offer it back to me- whether a gift or a sale, I will usually want to re-purchase it!
  • Do not buy to gift to someone without first telling me- this rule is in place so that I might keep my blacklist private. If you're buying for a gift, please include who you're buying it for in your comment(Or note me, if you'd like to keep the surprise!) By purchasing from me you agree to this term, and should you break it, it will be returned to me and you will be refunded.
  • If buying with levels, please keep in mind I value quality over quantity, and depending on who offers I might ask you to draw something other than my CC Pokemon! I will be measuring art based on what I think it is worth, however, not the price of your commissions. Payment must be completed within a time frame of 25 levels a week- so payments of <25 levels have a week deadline, while payments of 100 levels will have a month.
  • All Pokemon from clutches are non-canon unless specifically listed as canon.
  • I will only take trading post items as payment in increments of 5.
  • You may offer if you're not in CC, and I will gladly transfer them to another group! However, I will only take points, levels, and Pokemon trades in this case.

  • 100 points = 1$

  • 100 caps = 50 points
  • 100 stardust = 50 caps
  • 5x Breeding items/Rare candies = 250 points
  • 1 OOS item = 500 points
  • 1 megastone = 500 points
  • Levels are conditional
  • Pokemon trades are conditional

Open Clutches
  • Come back later!
Pokemon Sales
  • Blend(Dragon) Zweilous - F - Undesigned (Tenative)
  • Shiny Guzzlord - M - Undesigned
  • Variant Abomnasnow - F - Undesigned
  • Variant Togetic - F - Undesigned
  • Variant Lampent - M - Undesigned
  • Blend(Ghost/Grass) Cacnea - M - Undesigned (Tenative)

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Thu Apr 19, 2018, 5:45 AM

-Deep breath-

I'm sure my watchers remember earlier this week, when I had some unusually large bills that were making me nervous. I had thought I'd be A-OK regardless, and I would have been....

If not for the fact that the very next day, work called me and I had to be pulled off the schedule for some licensing issues. What was supposed to be a few hours to get it renewed became two days to re-apply for my license, as well as a hefty fee, and now..... Now I really am worried because I'm pretty fucked- I have car payments and living expenses that can't really take a week of half-pay and a week of nearly no pay.

So Here is my last journal - this is still open, and same deal on adopts, but everything else? Pay what you want. 1-10$ will net you anything from fullbodies down, and 10$ and up can get you anything. Anything.

I'm even selling out. Betcha'll didn't know I drew NSFW. I will draw you good ole porn. I have no shame. Though these are conditional prices still so just.... Note me about em.

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Streaming For Bills!

Sat Apr 14, 2018, 8:55 AM

Daffupanda and I are doing some joint streams of commissions and adoptables, so please feel free to hop in and say hi, watch, or commission- my commission info can be found here

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Commissions for Upcoming Bill

Sat Apr 14, 2018, 8:27 AM

SO, my darlings, I have a rather sizable bill approaching- a 400$ bill, to be exact, and... While affordable, it's really, really going to put me in a tight spot for a good, long while ;- ; SO

I'm hoping to knock out 200$ of that this weekend, via commissions and adopts! Until I reach my goal, I'm willing to put discounts on bulk orders- claim 80$ worth of commissions? Congrats, you only have to pay 50! Until I hit 200$, any bulk order that costs over 50$ will be rounded down to the nearest 50- 80$ would be rounded to 50$, 140$ would be rounded to 100$, and so on and so forth- help me, help you!

Normal commission info is found here

for PKMN-CrescentCavern folks, normal design commissions can be found Here - I will also be opening an offer until I hit my goal of 200 for move-learning sheets. 10$ per move learned- that's 5$ for each shaded fullbody with background!

I'm also going to be working on churning out some adopts today- specifically, for Croatan, City-of-Notions , and Wethu - if you'd like to pre-order a semi-custom(give me species and general idea of what you want "A mutt that takes inspiration from German Shepherds and Afgan Hounds", "A fat orange Tabby" or "A spotted hyena with many scars") and for CoN and Wethu adopts will cost only 10$, rather than the usual 25$.

If you're interested in one of the Croatan Critters, I will be selling each one for 25$ flat price, with added 15$ if you'd like a human reference based on your adopted cryptid(Or a NSFW reference for the monster, or 30 for both- bear in mind that this is NSFW of the MONSTER, not the human). Alternatively, for 15$, the monster will be held for a week, in which time you will join Croatan, make a character app and get it approved- but the benefit of a discount and an amazing rp community is undeniable!

Please PM or comment if you'd like to pre-claim one of these Croatan adopts- they are not customs, and I am in the process of designing them, but if you pre-claim the adopt, they will be 20$ flat priced, or priced 15$ and held until you make an app on Croatan to be approved.

  • Quetzalcoatl 
  • Egyptian Sphinx
  • Ahuizotl
  • Tanuki
  • Banshee
  • Dryaid
  • Church Grim
  • Glaistig
  • Wendigo
  • Phoenix

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RP Comfort Meme

Wed Apr 11, 2018, 9:49 AM

RP Basics

♦ Locations
I am comfortable with:
x Comment
x Chats
x Notes
tick Forum
x Skype
tick Google Docs
tickticktick Discord

♦ Setting the scene:
x I prefer to set the scene
tick I'm willing to do either
tick I prefer for you to set the scene

♦ Participants
I am comfortable with:
tick One on one
tick Up to three people
tick Up to four people
x Five or more people
xxx As big as possible

♦ Post Length
I usually write about:
x One or two sentences
tick Two to five paragraphs
tick More than five paragraphs
x A few pages worth

I am comfortable RPing with people who write:
x One to two sentences
tick Two to five paragraphs
tick More than five paragraphs
tick A few pages worth

♦ Role-play Requests
I like getting request from:
x Anyone and everyone at any time
tick When I ask for role-plays
tick From friends and acquaintances
x From friends only

Romantic Relationships

♦ Shipping: 
I am comfortable shipping my characters:
tick Our characters know each other deeply
tick  Our characters know each other deeply and I know I can trust the RPer
x At the first sign of flirting
tick Only if the RPer and I plan it
ticktick It depends on the character

If you want to ship with my characters:
tick Talk to me about it from the start
tick Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.
tick Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other
x Talk to me about it when they finally decide that they want to go beyond hugging

♦ Speed: 
When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
x  Swift as lightening!
tick Fast, but not super fast
tick Happens in about three months
tick Slow and steady wins the race
tick Slugs know what's up!
tick My relationship know no speed. They happen if they happen.
ticktick It depends on the character

♦ Smut: 
When my characters get intimate, I prefer:
tick Only RP it with people that I am close to and adhere to their preferences.
Otherwise, I prefer:
tick To skip the act entirely
tick To write the build up, but skip the act
x To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it 
x To write the act all the way through 

♦ Romantic Artwork: 
x Do not post it at all without talking to me.
tick Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
tick Post it if it is kisses.
tick Post it if it is much more.
tick Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts!
x Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like!


♦ Violence
When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
tick No violence at all!
tick I'm fine with verbal arguments!
tick Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face.
tick Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling.
tick Violence, such as stabbings.
x Beyond violence, such as torture and more.
(I'm alright with torture and more being used as plots and saying it happened in rp- however, I will not be playing it out)

If you are going to do something violent, please:
x Don't do it at all.
tick Talk to me about it first.
x Surprise me!

♦ Dramatic Artwork
x Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters.
tick Talk to me about it before posting!
x  Post what you like!

♦ Secrets
tick Do not keep aspects of your character secret from me
x Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

♦ Misc
tick Swearing/Language
tick Mental Health

♦ My personal triggers
I am not comfortable with plots involving these at all, ever:
x Rape (Same deal as torture- give me a good reason for it, and I might be willing to let it be a plot device, however, I will not be roleplaying it out.
x Torture-porn (No.)
x Same-sex reproduction (I know how this makes me sound. But if there are 2 sausages or 2 buns, there ain't gunna be kids. Period. I will not plot with a child conceived in this manner, and if we have a same-sex pairing you're just gunna have to live with the apparently unthinkable fact that they will be adopting.)

Misc Stuff

♦ Where I tend to rp and plot
 The Croatan Discord (Here)
 The Croatan RP Forums (Here)
 PKMN-CrescentCavern , sometimes. It depends on the person, the character, and the plots.

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Sun Apr 8, 2018, 10:56 AM

Mostly because DM chats have gotten too clustered aaaand I got some DA folks I love and adore that I haven't had the chance to spend much time chattin' with <3

We have game nights, movie nights, party hardies- it's a nice time, with even nicer people!

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Hypatia Florence

Sun Mar 18, 2018, 4:57 PM

Woodwives: Briney Deep by xaotl
Name: Hypatia Florence
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Background: Heiress
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver
Stage: Woodwife
Familiar: Orca, the Killer Whale - Alaska
Truth: "A drop in the ocean still raises an inch." 
Hypatia was born into prosperity. The beloved daughter of Agatha and Hugo Florence, Hypatia was born shortly before their first child, Agustus, disappeared. It was a tragic few years, mourning for their eldest while raising their youngest, but it lowered none of their expectations.

The couple were accomplished Woodwives, Hugo gaining the title of Baron as a young man, as far as Woodwives go, and the pair becoming accomplished doctors in their old age as well as maintaining their nobility. All the pressure of which rested on their daughter's young shoulders- now, more than ever, with science and industry taking a rise and slowly yet surely pushing the old way of things, and the Woodwives who practiced them, out of relevance.

Groomed from a young age, Hypatia was a prodigy, though a fragile one. Forever smaller, daintier than her peers, and more fragile as well- the family left their home in London when she was but a toddler, buying a second home in Brighton, a growing tourist town for the cure of salt water, as well as fresh, clean ocean air. There, Hypatia thrived.

Growing up, the family was split between the two homes- Hypatia was often required to make appearances in London, to maintain social standing and to foster prospects for her future, but a majority of the time she was allowed to remain in their apartments in Brighton and recover from her taxing visits to London, with either her mother or her father to attend her studies while the other parent tended business in their home in London.

Her life was a never-ending wash of social graces, etiquette and honing her skills in Woodwifery as well as a gentlewoman's habits. The only respite she had ever known was her stewardship in the Heart, short lived as it was. Rather than travelling to make her own fortune, Hypatia's parents insisted she return home and resume her duties as a daughter first, and woodwife second, though she was allowed to assist when her parents tentatively took patients in Brighton.

Though she hates the disgusting waters around London, it is rare to ever find her far from the water in either city, spending all the time she can near the ocean or river with her familiar.
Likes: Silver, Music, Waterways(ponds, rivers, lakes, the ocean), Rainy Days, Dark Nights, and Koi fish
Dislikes: Summer, Large Crowds, Pollution, Confinement
Talents: Healing arts, Purification, Detailing, Spoken and Sung Charms
Weaknesses: Herbology, Protection Charms, Impatience, Dispelling Illusions, Silver, Warmth

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Tue Mar 13, 2018, 8:12 AM

WW - MYO Entry Adela by LadyPipen

Sex: Female
Age: 16/17
Background: Bastard
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Stage: Woodwife Apprentice - in service to Maristela
Familiar: Golden Crowned Flying Fox - Diwa
Truth: No Cloak/TBA
History: Aldela was born the illegitimate child to a Spanish mother and Filipino father- she never knew her father, though her true mother was bold enough to never allow herself to be absent from the child's life. Though her family- being wealthy, travelling to the Philippines to oversee and direct the start of a new province, as well as govern the region- disapproved greatly, Adela was never led to believe that the serving woman her grandparents passed off as her mother was her mother in truth. From the very beginning her mother doted on her much as she was able, and Adela had very little want or work in her world, partially due to her mother's insistence and dotage, and partially due to her own shy, quiet nature. One might believe she was born a mute.

Though her illegitimacy barred her from any prospects, her mother did her damnest to give her daughter a good life- not only though spoiling as a child, but also by refusing marriage, and sneaking the child out at a young age to study with a local Woodwife. Hard labor was no life for a lady of any breeding, even half- magic was a life of opportunity and adventure. Even once Adela found Diwa, her familiar, her mother simply waved off her grandparent's concern with claims it was a gift of a pet... But the damage was done.

Tired of their daughter's wild ways, Adela's grandparents decided enough was quite enough. Though they could not manage any peaceful way to separate the woman from her terrible daughter, she and Adela were boarded on a ship with her Grandmother, headed back to Spain and more civilized company, to find Adela's mother a husband and Adela herself an apprenticeship to something respectable... Little to her knowledge, Adela's mothers- both the serving woman who posed and her mother in truth- set out to finish what they started the moment they made land in Spain, finding a Woodwife to send poor, dear Adela to, to finish her training before her Grandmother sent her on to something worse.
Likes: Pretty Dresses, Fashion, Paintings and Flowers
Dislikes: Strong Sunlight, her Grandparents, Liars
Talents: TBD - Still in Training, but shows promise in redirection and illusions
Weaknesses: TBD - Still in Training, but seems to struggle with runes and rituals
Extra Info: Adela has hearing and sight sensitivities- incredibly bright lights and incredibly loud or grating sounds are difficult for her and can cause varying levels of pain- she does best in quiet places with dim light, though she can survive elsewhere. She is very much not a mute, but developed a very shy attitude when young- living in a loud household and tending to bring yelling and harsh scolding when she brought attention to herself was not incredibly pleasant for a child with her sensitivities.

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MYO Event!

Thu Mar 8, 2018, 6:20 AM

One of my favorite groups has opened a MYO event, and while there are a few entries so far... THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH! So guys, come check out Woodwives- the MYO are totally free and it's a great foot in the door- check out the official journal for more info, and let me know when you do! I'd love to plot with you <3

Woodwives the group is having a Free MYO event!
(Common Woodwives only please)
(We DO have some flex room on what we'll allow as common familiars depending on the origin of your Woodwife and what might be found around them while they were apprenticed and training! Just ask if you're not sure!)
We’re an 1800s AU, at the moment mostly focused on England, though there are Woodwives of one camp or another across the world, including America, and Japan, with regional flexibility on their choices of style for Cloak or Cape.
Q) How many can I make?
   A) You can make one for yourself, but if you have a friend who wants to get in, you also can make them one, but you may only keep one for yourself. These are a free MYO event so we would prefer people not sell art slots for this, though you can obviously charge for people to commission you later.
People may OFFER to help if you need help with a design but you may not demand. Please tell us if anyone is harassing you

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CC Design/Art Commissions

Wed Feb 21, 2018, 8:52 AM


AKA Pippy wants Jimmy Johns and got no money- feed a ferret a sandwich, won't you?

Anyway- this is open for PKMN-CrescentCavern and PKMNation members only, since they will generally be cheaper than my commissions that aren't for the groups. I'll update with better art as I draw and grow <3

Design Commissions

2 Traits/Mixes/Blends - 5USD/500 Points

The simple stuff! A shiny/Variant Pidove, a Water Type Pidove, or an Eevee/Pidove- they're fairly straightforward designs, and take little time to finish so depending on your place in line, they are usually done within a day!
CC - Fiana by LadyPipen CC - William by LadyPipen CC - Ice Hunter by LadyPipen

3 Traits - 10USD/1000 Points

The less simple- a Shiny/Variant Pidove/Eevee and beyond. Depending on how used I am to the Pokemon and types asked, they can be done fairly quick- within a day- or they could take a little bit of time, though no more than a week.
CC - Georgia by LadyPipen CC - Galaxy Noodles Clutch by LadyPipen

4 Traits - 15USD/1500 Points

The biggies- 4 traits is a big order and depending on how comfortable I am with the traits and Pokemon included, it can take anywhere from two days to a full week. 
CC - Aedammair by LadyPipen

ART Commissions

Iiiiiiii will update this once I have proper examples to put up- UNTIL THEN please, comment, note or PM me on discord, if you're interested!

Waiting List -
Velnyx - 1 3-trait, 1 2-trait - Started
Artemideus - 4 2-traits - Not Started

  • Don't claim you made the design- it goes without saying, but <3
  • Don't re-upload the art, unless it's on toyhouse(And please credit my Toyhouse account, LadyPipen, if you do add it to TH!).
  • Please don't use the design commission art as ref images. I may add it to art commissions later- but at a higher price because it personally bothers the hell outta me ;- ; 
  • Payment is due before I begin- however, if I have not finished your commission within a month of starting it, let me know and I will give you a full refund! 
  • Please let me know any specific details you want before I send you the finished piece! If I have to add excessive detail or redraw the Pokemon completely, you will be charged have the price of the original commission as a fee.(Though if the mistake is mine alone- I forgot to include something you wanted, or misinterpreted what you wanted, the edits are made free of charge.)

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Wed Feb 14, 2018, 7:01 AM







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Possibly Patreon?

Fri Jan 19, 2018, 7:24 AM

Now.... I know I'm not the most popular artist as it stands now, but part of my new year's resolution is to change that! And I really feel as though I'm finally on a level where I can really afford to start doing commissions and, possibly, a Patreon!

So, I wanted to gauge interest- Of course there's little point in setting one up if there's going to be no one following, so if there's no interest now, I'll likely test the waters again later this year.

Most rewards will be pretty straightforward- first dibs at adopts, discounted commissions and adopts, redlines and tips for growing artists... But wait, there's more!

I'm starting a Closed Species this year! Nothing super big like Elnin or Bagbeans and nothing super pretty like Daffupanda 's puffs or extensive as FeralGator 's Puffix, but something cute and fun to play with, I hope! I plan to add customs and first dibs on these babs, Patreon-only... Which means they'll only come out publicly(Which is to say, free for grabs outside a handful of close friends) when I get a Patreon following!

Are you part of PKMN-CC? Or PI or Nations? Well, I plan on incorporating my CC work into my patreon, as well! I hope to allow first dibs to my clutches on Patreon only, both designs AND DYOs, as well as taking pokemon from fellow members who fund my Patreon each month to use as background- or side characters- in my writings and submissions for CC, be it quests, events, or my own stories and comics... As well as offering a raffle for a free design each month!

Are you here for the ponies, not the pokemon? Well.... I'm including them, too! With Daffupanda and I working on our own nextgen AU, I will upload sketches, WIPs and drabbles to Patreon before DA, and Patreon followers will be asked to weigh in as tie-breakers where Daffu and I cannot make up our minds- join us on this magical shipping journey~

And I couldn't leave out my birbs and puppers- Patreon supporters will get first dibs at slots and genos every month, as well as discounted YSH or YTH, as well as a raffles for free rolls every month. 

And last but not least.... I cannot confirm nor deny these allegations of a new NSFW blog, but I can confirm that- if there is the interest(and I need to know if the interest is there, but you can note me if you're embarrassed to admit interest~)- I can and will add a NSFW teir to my Patreon, where you will get to see my shame before it hits the blog and some Patreon-exclusives, to boot- though this will be the most expensive tier, as.... Well, ya'll can't expect me to sell out for cheap!

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The Meek Mouse

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 9:31 AM

Woodwife- Tattercoat- (LadyPipen) by xaotl
 Mouse, Walker, Yee Naaldlooshii.... The list goes on. Which one is the right one?
Sex: Female
Age: 17-18
Background: Orphan
Hair: Rose Blonde
Eyes: Dark Brown
Stage: ..... Steward?
Familiar: Coyote - 
Truth: "You get them before they get you."
Mouse was born to a good old American family- starting out in Virginia, Mouse was only five years of age when her family packed up and left, travelling west to make their fortunes settling the wild. To build a better life for their children, or so it had been planned. In Arizona, it wasn't quite what they had planned. True, this children- Mouse, and her three siblings- two older brothers and one younger sister- grew like beanstalks, healthy and strong on the farm their parents carved out of the wilderness. It would have been smarter, perhaps, to settle close to the settlement they drew supplies from and traded with, but wisdom proved not to be the family's strong suit. It was their undoing.

Mouse was almost twelve when it happened- too young to understand fully what was happening, aside from the gradual loss of freedom. Her parents never explained it- the most she remembers of the months leading up to the event were her brothers suddenly growing solemn and serious, her parents having an increasing number of visitors- the natives, though rarely the settlers in town, too. Mouse only met the latter- and they always seemed so worried, so sad- left to care for her young sister, and explained nothing, Mouse didn't understand what was going on until the tensions finally broke.

She never knew the whys of it all- Maybe they had settled somewhere they shouldn't have, perhaps her father and brothers had over-hunted, or perhaps there were disagreements with trade. Whatever it was, Mouse never knew, and the conflict ended in blood. 

Mouse remembers very vividly, to this day, the party which came to cut down her father- her brothers. She remembers hiding with her six year old sister in her arms, in the futile hope that if they hid, they might escape with their lives. She remembers being dragged out to see the lifeless bodies of her family, a strange man tearing her sister from her arms, and pain- and then nothing.

She was the only lucky one. She was told later, by the woodwife who had plucked her, barely living, from the war zone which was once her home, that her father had encouraged conflict with the natives. That he had continuously trespassed onto their lands and stole from their traps, and as a last straw, killed a young man who tried to defend his own kill. Mouse never believed any of it- she remembered well enough her loving father- and her brothers. Her mother, her sister, and the strange, angry men who came to yell and threaten them all, though she never knew what they were threatening. She remembered it all well- replayed it in her mind and committed it all to memory. If no one else was going to demand justice, if all anyone else was ever going to say was that they reaped what they had sown.

Still, Mouse paid her dept to Mary well- the woodwife who had taken her in. The woman had the sense to never take the girl with her, during any rare occasion she went to meet the natives, and they got on well enough. Well enough that Mary took the reserved girl on as her apprentice, once it became obvious she had been gifted with sight, and Mouse never spoke a word of the rage and hurt she nursed, well after the deaths of her family. No, that all remained quiet, festering and growing the more the young girl dwelled on it.... She held the secret hope for vengeance close to her secret heart, well up to the day she had her dream of revealing.

It was a dark, bloody thing- fitting for a girl who held such dark desires so close to her heart, and dark ideas and requirements whispered in her ear, and when she woke.... She knew dearest Mary would not approve. She knew without ever sharing- Woodwives were supposed to be kind, caring people- the kind of people who would pick a dying girl out of the burnt-out husk of her family's farm and take care of her out of good will. Not the kind of person Mouse was- not with the kind of person her dream meant she was.

So, in the early hours of the morning, Mouse stole out of the house, taking what necessities she must- sewing supplies, but also a bow, knives, matches, rope, food- whatever she might need for the coming weeks of the wilderness, and stole into the dark, exactly as her dream had said. She managed to survive off her own force of will and Mary's teaching- taking great pains to follow the exact instructions of her dreams- felling first a fox, for cunning.... Then a wolf, for protection. A deer, for grace, an eagle for power, and finally, a great old bear, for strength and wisdom. And then... she set out on a pilgrimage.

It was her first time going into the misty paths on her own, following her own footsteps from a dream, guided not to the heart, but beyond, where the paths crossed into the wood, and on that boundary she met him. The walker, a giant creature that looked both man and beast. There, she made a deal. She wanted power- the power to make those who would hurt her family, who would hurt others, pay for what they did, make sure they never did the same again, to protect herself from further hurt. It had seemed like a good idea at the time- to take what the creature offered, the power and the security. The dream couldn't have been wrong. 

Once the deal was struck, however.... That first time, Mouse blacked out completely. She heard tales later, from strangers who heard from those who ran, who were lucky not to be caught- children, mostly, that a great beast- a great mix of things, wolf and bear, eagle and fox- came out of the wood one night and tore a trail through the land that stained the sand red. She herself does not remember what happened- not completely. Just pricks of pain, and a haze of rage and hatred like she had never known before- she had only thought she hated.

Fear drove her into the wood- fear of hunters, after she practiced her new abilities for the first time. Stone arrows did not kill, but they hurt- they hurt very much. Fear also of what she might do to hunters, finding herself grow more beast-like with each passing hour beneath the safety of other's skin. Fear of the creature she made her deal with, however, kept her from the wood- leaving her to wander the misty paths, alone, waiting.
Likes: Solitude, warmth, security, stability
Dislikes: Cities, entrapment, loud noises/sudden movements, unpredictability, change
Talents: Innate understanding of animals and nature, Heightened senses, Protection charms, wild magics, corrupting magics
Weaknesses: Purity magics, instinct, humanity, iron, fire, running water

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Feed a Ferret - 2018 Commissions

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 7:42 AM

Lemme kick out my beggar's cap cuz I'm hungry and wanna get some lunch

Colored Sketch - 10$
I Can Wait by LadyPipen

Fullbody Feral - 15$
Candy Pirates! by LadyPipen [Love is in the Air] Flying Fish by LadyPipen
WW - Namid by LadyPipen The Lady by LadyPipen

Fullbody Humanoid - 25$
CC - Hypatia by LadyPipen WW - MYO Entry Adela by LadyPipen

Sketched Illustration - 20$

Full Illustration - 30$

Feral Design Commissions - 20$

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it makes me uncomfortable. Themes I will NOT do are - Excessive gore, non-con NSFW or feral/non-feral NSFW. 
  • ... Otherwise I will sell out, but NSFW images add 50$ to your total price. 
  • Art takes time - however, if you are waiting longer than 2 months, you will get a full refund.
  • I will gladly re-do and fix any mistakes I might make on your character.... Unless it is an error due to an insufficient reference- in which case I will charge 5$ per change.

  • Each additional character, or exceedingly complicated character designs, will add a 10$ charge to your final total.
  • I.... Am likely going to change prices until I find a range that fits best, since I'm very new to offering commissions. Therefore, whatever prices are offered when you ask for a commission are the prices you will be charged- you will not be billed higher if they rise while I'm working on your commission, nor will you be refunded if they're lowered.
  • Until further notice, all human commissions will be single character only- If you'd like to double the price of the commission I will attempt to add another human character, but I'm simply not confident enough in my abilities to try to draw humans interacting- I'm still learning basic human anatomy!
  • You heard right, ladies and gents- I will give a 20% discount if the character you are commissioning is part of the following groups or species!
Current Waiting List
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open

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Happy New Year!

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 6:38 AM

I'm happy to say I'm back from my very short hiatus! 

And.... Also happy to say Happy New Year! It's been a strange year, 2017, but I'm looking forward to 2018 and beyond... The older you get, the faster time moves, it seems, which is alright by me. I'm really actually excited about where my life is headed- a bit scared, too, but pulling yourself away from your safety net will always be scary.... And is something you need to do eventually, regardless, and it's not like I'll be alone when that time comes, either, so life is just going to be an exciting tizzy of studies and planning all around.

Gee, resolutions.... I mean, I do have some. And much to Daffu's displeasure, I'm sure, it's not to stop attempting to become one with the water. No, I want to get better at managing my money and telling myself no, since it's something I struggle greatly with now that I have the freedom to actually treat myself. I also really want to get better at keeping up with people, rather than holing myself up with two people and neglecting everyone else in my life(I have such awesome people surrounding me- it's not their fault I'm an anxious mess, and I want to become the friend they deserve!!). I'd also like to become more steady in my art- uploading more, and not just Pokemon.... But my human(and non-human...) OCs, Tokotas and Stryx, and to actually recover some ability to draw bgs and shade. It'd be nice... (And, I mean, always seducing my Daffu.... I think I'm getting close, guys!! xD)

I'm looking forward to dedicating this year to the lovely people I've met- and re-connected with- in 2017, and the lovely groups I've become a part of- WoodWives , PKMN-CrescentCavern and Okhong - and growing, as we all constantly do. Here's looking to a wonderful, happy year in 2018! 

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A lovely Woodwife~

Mon Dec 25, 2017, 8:14 PM

Woodwife- Ice Queen- (SweetSerpentTales) by xaotl

Many of you know one of the places I've been spending my days is THIS lovely group.... Ya'll should trake a gander at this lovely raffle to get ya'll started in a truly wonderful group and community!

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Vasilisa's Chronicle Scroll

Mon Dec 18, 2017, 2:09 PM

Vasilisa by giz-art

Name - Vasilisa, the Beautiful
Meaning - "Queen"
Species - Siberian Flying Squirrel 
Gender - Female
Relationship Status - Single as a leaf in the wind(Better sweep her off her feet before someone else does!)

Bio -
Vasilisa was a one in a hundred child. Born in the early winter, her parents were true-blooded humans. Her birth was, to little surprise, a great shock to her parents, who promptly decided- living in the wilds of Russia- they had been cursed by Baba Yaga, the witch in the wood. It was lucky for Vasilisa that her parents decided that simply killing their child, or leaving her to starve and freeze in the snow, was too much of a risk to take. It might have angered Baba Yaga, who surely cursed them to carry her familiar to term, and so in the dead of night they traveled deep into the wood where the woman who preyed on their village lived- to the house of Baba Yaga herself- and left the newborn Beeguh there, to rid themselves of their curse and appease the witch who laid it.

The woman who raised her wasn't truly Baba Yaga, of course- she was an old goat beeguh, too old and frail to care for herself properly anymore, and in lieu of any family to care for her, she had settled into a routine of convincing the locals she was the old witch and goddess of legend.... It worked well, when you acted well. The pair had everything they needed, and Baba took care of her young Vasilisa near well as she possibly could, for all her roughness and tough love. 

Vasilisa was happy, too- allowed her freedom from the day she could glide ten feet in a single bound, and since that day she was near unmanageable. Not that her Baba would try to manage the young thing, regardless. It was important for a young woman to stretch her wings without clipping, provided she followed rules, and Vasilisa was quite possibly the perfect child. Perhaps life was a bit lonesome- as was a given, living alone in the woods with none but a grumpy old witch for company- but perfect nonetheless. What child could complain when they had anything they could ever think to ask for?

At least, this was life until her eighteenth year. Gifted a lovely hand-woven coat- for, Baba was careful to note, a special sect of humans put a great amount of stock in cloaks, and taking the care to weave it just so, with the proper care and attention, for protection and guidance- and her hat, and sent her young squirrel child out into the world, alone. She had had her chance to make her fortune, and it was Vasilisa's turn- as much as it broke the old beeguh's heart, it was no life for a young woman, sitting and vegetating with an old woman, alone for the rest of her days.

And make her fortune she did. Vasilisa flew across the frozen landscape when the white horseman rode, and when the black horseman took his place, she recited stories to the stars of all the wondrous places Baba Yaga had told her of, places where sand stretched like stone and great tombs were erected- places with animals taller than the very trees.... Places that were ruled by water rather than land, foul and undrinkable and hiding unspeakable horrors in its depths. 

What she found, however, was much more exciting.

Vasilisa was far, far from home when she found another of her own kind. She'd long since learned and accepted that Beeguh were a rarity in the world- and didn't rightly expect to find another until she herself was an old, wrinkled crone like Baba Yaga. That she didn't have to wait near so long to find one of her kind- better yet, her own age!- was a minor miracle in and of itself... Unfortunately, had there been any confusion into what his captors planned for the poor stag, it was not confused for long. Luckily for Cernos, the stag, squirrels were small... And the flying variety were quick. 

With the story of a grand rescue and escape under her belt, Vasilisa was content to tag along with Cernos where he might wander- he certainly wasn't going back to where Baba Yaga remained, and that was good enough for her- longer legs made for faster travel, arguably, and her eyes in the sky steered them clear of most danger. Most, that is, until Vasilisa grew overconfident. 

She'd never been captured like her friend- never grew a healthy respect for caution, either, as Cernos shied from sharing his own experiences and Baba Yaga always stressed that cleverness and cunning would always win the day, no matter the odds. With such a naive, headstrong view, it was little wonder that Vasilisa was caught by a poacher rather easily- it is not hard to outwit ego.

And so, Vasilisa was trapped in the dark, in a cage.... Left with the hope that her friend would come to return the favor, jumping each time the door opened- only to reveal the poacher who captured her. Oh, she was troublesome enough- bit fingers when she could, spewed Russian curses, never let the fire or the hope die, not to the very end... And kept telling herself Baba Yaga's stories of courage, wit and adventure, until the day Jackenote came.

It was the first time she saw a true 'folk hero' in action, though in truth... she was swept up in such a hurry that she barely remembers more than the blur of it all.... Still, there was no mistaking it. Her rescuer wasn't her friend Cernos, but instead, this capable jackelope... And she's been enraptured ever since, though the standoffish thing only checked in to make sure her recovery went well, since only Boursin spoke either of her languages, and was able to discuss with her.

The camp was a safe place to make home- at least for now- that much was certain, but her work was hardly done... As soon as she was well enough to walk on her own, she set out. Home simple would not be home without a familiar pair of antlers....

Yeah.... Friends only, I suppose...

Playlist -


Basilio by Maiwenn

Oren by Maiwenn

Moira by kineko

Alala by kineko

Siberian flying squirrel beeguh by giz-art

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Short Hiatus

Fri Dec 15, 2017, 12:29 PM

I was hoping to not have to do this, but here we are.

Don't worry, this is nothing in relation to the long hiatus I just came out of!

In truth.... It's because it's Christmas. I.... Have quite a few issues with Christmas, most of which are due to my mother, and I always, always unintentionally find myself getting very, very fragile the closer I get to Christmas.

This year I was able to hold it off and ignore it for quite a while, but... Today I burst into tears over something that... Shouldn't have been an issue, I suppose, but it was enough to leave me sobbing and flinching at a group and some characters I very, very dearly love.

It's just.... Not a time I can really trust myself to manage my paranoia, sensitivity, and anxiety well. So, I'll be keeping to myself until New Years. 

I'll still be on to watch and reply to some things that have been going on, like commenting for the CC advent and trail, replying to notes, and will upload Vasilisa's Chronicle when her cert is uploaded, but I will not be uploading anything or doing much more of anything on DA until Christmas has passed and I'm in a less.... Fragile state. I'm sorry for putting up such a short notice, but I gotta look out for my mental sanity during this time of year.

For the one person who was waiting for some art from me- I'll be sending it Via discord when I finish it, I just won't upload to DA specifically until after my hiatus.

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Okhong Winter Event!

Mon Dec 11, 2017, 5:57 AM

I don't advertise much, but it's about time I did! I know I've been subtly poking some of you to watch for Okhong events for a while now, and now the Winter event is nigh! Ring the bells, bang the drums, join Pippy's excited screeching!!!

..... Ehem

I mean, Check out the previews on these pretty babies in the winter event announcement! New members even get a 24-hour first dibs priority- We need new friends to plot and play with~ Not to mention this free raffle for a precious ermine beeguh baby! Ya'll know how much I like the fuzzy noodles.... Ya'll should definitely go join the raffle, this is some quality floof noodlin' right here, take it from the catsnek queen herself!

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