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WoLF - Andraste app by LadyPipen WoLF - Andraste app by LadyPipen

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:: I D E N T I T Y ::

Name: Andraste
        *Meaning: A Briton Goddess of Victory
        *Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 4

Height: 34 in
Weight: 122 lbs

Voice: (TBA when I find a good link for it)
        *Mannerisms: (Will fill this out after some rp)

Bloodline's: 50% Mist, 50% Forest Steppe

Physical Description: Andraste is a lovely specimen, balanced between bloodlines evenly. Her fur is a mixture of her Steppe and Mist heiritage- a pale brown that teases to gold, tinted red. As far as physical ability goes, she leans toward the skills of her Steppe bloodline, though the longer, wavy fur at her chest and neck gives the appearance of more power than she truly holds. A lean, mean running machine, Andraste is able to keep up with hooked prey thanks to her long legs and streamlined body, and a powerful heart and lungs. Striking silver eyes contrast with her reddish gold coat, giving her a rather cold, hard gaze.

Pack or Guild: Howahkan
    Rank: Omega

:: P E R S O N A L I T Y ::

Traits: Ambitious | Competitive | Submissive | Vulnerable | Independent | Selfish | Naive
In Depth: 

Ambitious: Andraste was not named after the goddess of victory for nothing; she plans for and accespts nothing less. What she sets out to do, she plans to succeed in, by any means necesary, and she doesn't plan to stay low ranking for long.

Competitive: Accepting defeat with about the same grace as a three legged badger, Andraste is not afraid to push her point with brute strength. In fact, she enjoys battle, the competition of two wolves brutally beating victory out of each other. She conciders it as enjoyable as it is necesary.

Submissive: For all her hot-headedness, Andraste still knows her place; and that's not too high. In the future, as she gains both confidence and rank, her submissive nature may change. For now, for all her big talk, she is very unsure of herself, and would rather submit to bigger or more experienced wolf without a fight.

Vulnerable: Andraste rarely allows for this to slip; she's brash, she's loud and she hates weakness, especially in herself. So she simply retreats when her vulnerability comes out; and she is vulnerable. She's easily manipulated by emotions, and may very well latch on to the first wolf to give her validation through friendship or affection.

Independent: To preserve her individuality, Andraste pushes herself away from other wolves, and rarely tries to change this. She likes being on her own, and likes being able to answer for herself and to herself. Whiles she likely won't say no to bossing smaller or younger wolves, she much prefers to be on her lonesome for now.

Slefish: For the first time in her live, Andraste is able to live without the need to think of others, and so, she won't. She enjoys being the only one she has to focus on, and so she does. She very much enjoys through her weight around to get what she wants.

Naive: Regardless of wether or not she is willing to admit it, Andraste grew up sheltered, and with this comes naivety. While she's not exactly nice, she doesn't believe anyone is capable of real evil or that her packmates are capable of it either.

:: H I S T O R Y ::

Pre-Group History: 

Andraste knows little of her parentage- her mother never was one to speak of where she came from, or her mate- only that he was a Steppe wolf. She and her brother came into the world as rogues, with a lone rogue mother. Life wasn't easy- a fact stressed by the fact of their sister, early to the grave, the poor golden pup dead within a week of life. The first few months of Andraste and her brother's life was spent in a small den beneath the roots of a great old oak tree. A temporary home for the autumn, as it would provide little warmth or shelter come winter, but home all the same. It was where Andraste and her young brother grew strong, under their mother's firm care. While not the kindest mother, she was warm, and she loved fiercely, as a mother should.

Come the first frost of winter, however, her mother forced Andraste and her brother out into the world- They would not survive in a hole all winter, in an area with little food. Her mother was out to find them a new home- a proper den, or better, a pack. A full grown mist wolf would thrive in the chill of winter, but young halflings would be more likely to die before the spring. And before the first snows of winter set in, Andraste's family indeed find a proper den. An old badger's set, long abandoned and safe and warm, after her mother modified it for wolf occupation. It was safe for her pups, as she spent the days and nights of winter hunting, but Andraste's mother's luck had not yet run out.

She returned to her den with a hare, the night the first snow came and stuck. It was a usual routine, and one she had become accustomed to,  but when she returned to the den an unusual and rather dangerous sight awaited her- a patrol of stranger wolves had discovered her pups.

Luckily, Andraste's mother was one to ask first, bite later- and was blessed for her hesitation. A pack patrol had come, and saved them from the hard life of a loner. 

The Na"em pack was back in their winter territory, and Andraste's family was lucky enough to have settled down just outside of the borders for the winter. They were welcomed to stay, and Andraste's mother was all too happy too- she had security, the chance of full bellies for her and her pups, and companionship. More time with her pups, too, and for this time she was kind. It was a disservice- At least, this is what Andraste believes. Looking back, many problems would have been solved if her mother had not been kind, there in the beginning.

Over the months of winter, Andraste and her brother grew. And the more they grew, the more their mother became involved in the pack, the more she distanced herself from her pups. As they became weaned, she stopped caring for them, leaving them to their own devices but to feed them. She excused herself under the guise of her duties, but Andraste felt the difference like a shard of ice. She couldn't understand why her mother was gone, and her brother could not console her. No one could.

In her sadness, a bitter seed began to grow. She blamed her pack for her mother abandoning her, and while she was not yet brave enough to act against the Na"em way of life, she thought it. She held her rebellion close to her heart, and it grew. During her Tasking ceremony, she dared not refuse to sing, though she rejected this "song". Still, she poured her hurt and her bitterness and rejection into her song, and picked the same task as her mother, in an attempt to remove the distance- one last, desperate effort to go peacefully.

This ended poorly, despite her brother's efforts to soothe the conflict between family. Their mother still wanted nothing to do with her pups- now that they were old enough to fend for themselves, she wanted nothing to do with them, despite Andraste's insistance. The young female finally started showing the colors of her frustrations- going against her teacher's instruction, picking fights with her mother, and her brother, when he tried to soothe them. Never to blows, but enough that it was seen. Enough that she was eventually given a choice.

A choice she gave herself- to stay and be shunned for all that she was, all that she selfishly desired, or to leave, and find a place in which she could live without the constant reminder of rejection, and the cruel, cold looks on her for her defiance. And she chose- The night of the Coming of Age ceremony, she stole away. Right before the ceremony, enough time to get far, far from the pack by the time they assumed she would be late. She vowed to never return- she would never allow herself to live in rejection again.

She started as a rogue, again- very poorly. She was a poor huntress, having started training as a Traveller, but she learned a few tricks. Enough to keep her alive. She was more worried about keeping her tracks clean- or at least muddled enough for no one to ever find her again. She travelled far as she could, on a path that eventually brought her to a new pack, one she hadn't truly come to learn about until after she joined.

Her joining was as harsh and violent as her heart was- as was every day after. The fast, violent life of a Howahkan wolf was what Andraste needed. Her emotions got spent, but there was her partner there after, to clean her wounds and, at times, dry her eyes. It was a pack of fierce and passionate emotion, and she loved every minute of it. 

She loved it even on the day her brother finally tracked her down, intent on bringing her home. For a moment, Andraste truly considered going with him- Her heart hurt to think that someone had missed her, had cared. If only a little. Then her memories, full of harsh words and hurt, reminded her why she had gone in the beginning.

That was the fight she had fought her hardest, the first fight in which she did not have anyone there to clean her wounds after. It was her last fight.

And the first fight that left her feeling just a little bit empty inside.

Group History: N/A

:: R E L A T I O N S H I P S ::

May substitute with Relationship Meme
NPCs are allowed but must be marked as such
Mate: N/A
    Offspring:  N/A

        Father: Unknown
        Mother: Traveller of Na"em (presumed alive)
        Siblings: Brother a Tasked in Na"em (presumed alive), unknown number of half siblings
*Other: N/A

:: A V A I L A B I L I T Y ::

Timezone: CTS

Preferred Methods: 
        Notes: Bullet; Green
        Comments: Bullet; Red
        Skype: Bullet; Green
        Docs: Bullet; Green
        Other: Bullet; Red

:: O T H E R    N O T E S ::

(Anything else you want to add!)
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