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Vulcan Halloween Customs by LadyPipen Vulcan Halloween Customs by LadyPipen

Halloween night is a momentous holiday for the Vulcan people and Pokemon- though not quite in the traditional sense as celebrated by other countries and cultures. In fact, it is very different- even in name, though that is the least of the Vulcan's strange festivities.

Samhain for the Vulcans is very different from the traditional celebrations. While it is generally known and accepted that ghost types and spirits are active and naturally stronger during this time, they aren't the reason for the night's festivities. Rather, the Royals and their families take center stage for the Vulcan Island's Samhain festival.

The Samhain festival is held in honor of the Royals, to both welcome and instate the Royals born in the past year who have proved themselves worthy of their title, and to honor the Royals who currently serve and protect the Vulcan Islands, as well as those who perished in that duty. Young Royals being raised to the full rank are decorated in dark paints, each with hidden meanings- few of the symbol meanings are shared, remaining a closely guarded secret of the Royals and Deities and few others of only the highest rank.

The night's festivities are set off by offerings to the Royals- subjects are expected to pay tribute to their rulers- a general tribute is accepted, which the family will distribute amongst themselves as the night goes on, but it is common for subjects to offer tribute to one, if not more, specific Royal in hopes it will generate favor in the coming year.

After offerings are given in thanks to the Royals, there is a great feast and festival- one of the very few times a year that the caste system and its barriers are torn down and all Vulcan citizens- be them Common, Higher, Royal or Deity- may associate and mingle without fear of repercussion. Should the Royals be feeling generous, the common folk themselves may receive gifts, but this is done by each Royal, should they feel the desire to.

The festival is not the only feature of the night, however- no, there are also the Games. A set of trials given to the Soldier caste for the amusement of the royals. It changes each year, as the Royal hosting the Games changes each year, but the victor of the Games each year receives one wish that may be granted, whatever it is they may desire.

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