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Snoot and Bon Bon by LadyPipen Snoot and Bon Bon by LadyPipen
"Rothchilds Giraffe, and all other Giraffe subspecies, have the same number of vertebrae as Humans- 7. The size much larger however, which is why Giraffe have such long necks and Humans don't."
"The Aardvark is the only species in its order. This means there is literally no other animal like it on Earth."

8 August, 2015

Instead of introducing all animals to the enclosure at once, we have been adding Bonnie's new friends one at a time to allow the animals to get used to each other, to cut down on possible fights, starting with Snoot. The Aardvark was the least concern, as far as fighting went, and sure enough he and Bonnie quickly became used to each other's presence in the enclosure. Soon enough both were comfortable enough in the exhibit to investigate each other- Bonnie seems to have grown fond of licking poor little Snoot, particularly on his snout, but her new friend seems to get his revenge by chasing her around the enclosure, a sight that is greatly appreciated by Botanica Zoo visitors!

After this great success, the zoo staff greatly anticipates the introduction of Abagail to the pair. Hopes are high that the zoo's young African Elephant will assimilate to the mismatched herd well- The young Elephant has been very lonely, and the staff is just too busy to spend time with her all day like she needs. Most of the Zoo's worries of fights center around a different animal- Clyde is a more aggressive Giraffe, and it is uncertain how well he will react to sharing an enclosure with other animals, despite being a social herd animal.
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