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Reckoning by LadyPipen Reckoning by LadyPipen

Bohemia was not left waiting long. Despite her desperate attempts to, Ripple could not stay with the eggs forever. She had to leave them- for only short periods of time, but leave them she must. That was Boho's window of opportunity- should he be able to ever find it open.

Find it open he did- She wasn't gone long, just at the summons of High Priestess. Inquiring after the egg's progress, most likely- for a Dragon that didn't even like kids, she was fascinated with the growing collection of eggs that were assumed to hold Deities. Not as if where or why Ripple had gone truly mattered- What mattered was he was now able to insure their survival on this island, nothing more.

Yet... The moment had come and he couldn't do it. Despite his plans, despite what he knew what must be done for surival, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Some spirit of protection he was- some Vulcan he was, unable to even exterminate the barely alive, to assure the safety of those he cared for. He turned with a sigh to leave them for Ripple- he couldn't do it.. But sometimes, destiny didn't give us a choice.

Heart plummeting, Boho watched the eggs tumble away, Ripple racing forth to help, and behind her... the High Priestess.

Bohemian Flower Child | Fullbody x1 | Shading x1 | Complex BG x1 | 221 Words | Bohemian Flower Child gained 10 levels!

Ripple | Fullbody x1 | Shading x1 | Complex BG x1 | 221 Words | Ripple gained 10 levels!

Art, Characters and story (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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