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Please by LadyPipen Please by LadyPipen
It was an innocent enough start. They were just eggs- only eggs. But what was more dangerous than potential?

Ripple had fallen in love with them at first sight. Their charges, their peers, the smooth, warm shells. It wasn't just the maternal instinct, Boho could see it. Perhaps it started that way, that innocently, but that changed so soon it was hardly worth mentioning, that beginning. She didn't see the danger- not like he could.

And see it, he could. The eggs were a threat. They were pure, it was doubtless. He could see it in the way the Royals and the General eyes them, when they came to look upon their proud collection. He could sense it in the way the eggs sat, dormant, as far newer eggs hatched, the children they held growing and even evolving as they sat motionless, and all the while, Ripple loved them.

He couldn't let it go on any longer. He doubted that their own replacements waited within those shells- but how long would it be? They were not pure, like those held within the eggs. They were lesser, tainted with the curse of common blood. Boho did not want to find out what would happen to them, if the pure ones were allowed to grow and rival them and their position. On Vulcan land, you had status. To let go of that status, even unwittingly, was to put yourself in danger. Boho would not risk himself, or allow Ripple's existence to be threatened. She was too good, too pure.

Ripple was heartbroken, with her soft nature and maternal adoration of the eggs. He should never have assumed it would be easy, even with her loyalty and dependence. She protested. She screamed. She cried. Still, she said nothing to the guards that watched them. Not a peep of Boho's treachery. However, neither did she bow to his will, as she had always done before. No longer were the eggs left unguarded. She watched them constantly, and slept with them in her arms, safe in the fluff of her mane, but Boho waited. He watched.

Ripple knew it was only a matter of time. She would not be able to watch them forever. All she could do is bear Boho's cold eyes watching, waiting, ignoring her every time she caught him with her sad voice, always the same word, “Please.”

As if he could afford mercy.

Bohemian Flower Child | Fullbody x1 | Shading x1 | Complex BG x1 | 400 words | Bohemian Flower Child gained 10 levels!
Ripple | Fullbody x1 | Shading x1 | Complex BG x1 | 400 words | Ripple gained 10 level
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October 17, 2015
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