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OTNG - Theano Skyranger by LadyPipen OTNG - Theano Skyranger by LadyPipen
Name -
    Theano Skyranger
Alias -
    Thea, Admiral
Age -
Parents -
    Captain Celaeno, Stratus Skyranger
Siblings -
    ??? (Twin/Clutchmate Sister)
    Garrett (Younger Half-Brother)

Talent/Cutie mark -
    Neither Parrots nor Hippogriffs have cutie marks, silly!
Personality -
    Outgoing | Adventurous | Headstrong | Reckless | Courageous | Ambitious
    Theano is a pony who knows what she wants and will spare no expense to get it. It's how she rose to the top in rather cutthroat competition, and how she maintains that position. She's a rough and tough gal who can back up most of her overzealous claims of strength... But make no mistake. Theano is not power hungry, nor does she like fighting for the sake of fighting(her love of bar fights and training non-withstanding). If there is a way to peaceful resolution to conflict, you can bet your tail feathers that Theano will find it. For all her hot-headedness, she is an intelligent pony. 

Her greatest weakness, however, is that hot-headed streak. For all her intelligence in planning, and desire to avoid conflict when necessary.... Theano is not fond of rolling over, and her definition of "when necessary" and an average pony's may differ somewhat. It's her sister that tends to keep her from firing off prematurely. 

Despite appearances, Theano has little issue with traditional concepts of femininity- she doesn't even have issue finding her sister pretty sparklies when in her travels- she simply... Has neither a chance nor exceptional desire to dress up or flit about daintily as her sister likes to. She certainly appreciates a pretty woman, as much as any other, and likes dressing up from time to time, however, dresses rip so easily in the line of duty, and simply aren't as impressive as a lady in uniform.

Short bio/backstory - (Will be expanded when Daffu shoves her sister up)
    Theano was hatched from a clutch of two- herself, and her sister. As hatchlings, the pair grew under Celaeno's care- girls should not be without their mother, after all, and Stratus and Celaeno both felt it was important for the two to be in touch with both sides of their lineage- Parrot and Hippogriff- and being unable to visit Celaeno's homeland, her ship was as close as they could get to their mother's home and culture.

It took all of one bad storm to fix this err of judgement. Nothing particularly dramatic happened- the moment a stormhead appeared on the horizon, both chicks were settled safely below deck as the crew rode out the storm, but the wind spoke to Celaeno, and the moment she pulled her daughters- bruised and battered from being tossed around through the storm, she decided her instinct was correct. Wings too weak to be capable of flight and bodies too small to handle the rough life of the sky, there was no reason to keep them with her when they would be better off with their father.

So, at the young age of five, Theano and her sister were left in Hippogriffia, under the care of Stratus Skyranger, who... did his best, under the circumstance. Working in the royal military did not allow for an easy transition into guardianship, and many days the stallion was more worn than not, but he loved his little girls with all his heart. Eventually, he was able to take easier duties, shorter shifts, and the family fell into an easy domestic routine, the girls going to school, Stratus finding more and more time to spare with them, and Celaeno's letters and gifts and, from time to time, visits.

Theano never realized this wasn't the norm until much later in life, and by then, it hardly mattered to her- she had the best family she could ask for! She shared a close and adoring bond with her sister and father, and lived for the stories and gifts her mother would send. When she was twenty, and still questing to find what she wanted to do with her life, though just a step away from running away to start her own pirate crew, Stratus convinced her to take up military training, and the rest?

Well, the rest is history.

Relationships -
    Captain Celaeno - Theano always adored her mother, though she largely grew up under Stratus' care she never did quite let go of early memories, living with her mother, and never quite grew out of her childish idolization. Despite this, and despite Theano taking every opportunity to meet with Celaeno when they are both able, careers and lack of time stop them from building a truly close bond.
    Stratus Skyranger - Though she doesn't idolize her father in quite the same way she does her mother, Theano does harbor the close parental bond with Stratus that she lacks with Celaeno. He raised her, loved her, cared for her and her sister both and despite her idealized view of Celaeno, Theano has a deep bond of love and trust with Stratus. He's the one who set her on a military path, and she's been incredibly successful since.
    ??? - Sister, TBA
Facts/Miscellaneous -
    - She can walk on four legs as a hippogriff, or two like a Parrot- while she prefers the latter, she most often walks as a quadruped, if only because it's easiest to live with other hippogriffs and ponies that way.
    - Her coat is half fur, half soft, downy feathers. It certainly makes for a humorous show when she gets huffy!
    - She is completely capable of flight, like any Hippogriff.
    - Though she's loathe to admit it, Theano does... At times, enjoy dressing up and going to balls. Luckily.... Balls are few and far between...
Melani-Nexus Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her bio amazes me to no end, and I totally love her dynamics, personality and backstory! <3 Hah xD what would  I give to see this lady huffy and possibly fluffy. She sounds fantastic as a character and just so, so cool. >W< aaaaaaaaaaaah La la la la 

Love the colors as well. Great job!
 :happybounce: +fav Heart 
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