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No Love in the Air Tonight by LadyPipen No Love in the Air Tonight by LadyPipen
"Tiger Quoll have five toes and ridged footpads that assist in climbing and makes up for the fact that their tails are not prehensile."
"The Tiger Quoll are the only species of Quoll that have spots down their tail, in addition to their body(With the exception of residents Samson and Samantha, whose spots don't spread very far down their tails at all)"

9 August, 2015

Samson had the enclosure all to himself for quite a long time... So when zoo staff finally found the bachelor a pretty female Tiger Quoll for a mate, the solitary male was not too happy about it! After days of cleverly maneuvering around the exhibit to avoid the curious female, Samson finally made a terrible- to him- discovery. Samantha was hand-reared by humans, and much more social than he, a Quoll-raised Tiger, was! Now more familiar with the enclosure, Samson was plagued by Samantha constantly... His only peace was in his own burrow, but he could hardly stay there all the time...

Things came to a point one day when Samantha went too far- ambushing her exhibit mate in an attempt to coax him into playing, a sentiment that was all but appreciated or enjoyed by poor old Samson. After a short scuffle, Samantha finally understood that Samson wasn't near as friendly as her human friends- and finally began to leave the lonely Tiger Quoll alone, as she nursed her own hurt pride. Zoo staff and visitors alike were sad to see the lovely Quoll, usually so full of life and energy, so depressed, but it was better than constant fighting!
whispen Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well somehow she must have gotten on his good side...

Random Event:
Samson and Samantha have bred and produced a male Tiger Quoll!

Cash Earned:
2,5000 ZD
LadyPipen Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess there WAS love in the air that night |D
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August 9, 2015
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