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Neb Commish Sheet

A half sheet commission for NebulaFrog

Cursewire | Baltoy/Budew/Honedge | Fullbody x6, Finished x6, Greyscale x6
Cursewire learned Shadow Sneak!
Cursewire learned Mega Drain!
Cursewire learned High Jump Kick!
Curewire learned Slash!
Cursewire learned Recover!

Clayrun the Atrocity | Fire/Dark Alchemized Ralts | Fullbody x2, Finished x2, Greyscale x2

Art (c) Me
Characters (c) :devNebulaFrog
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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© 2015 - 2021 LadyPipen
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Sketch or Finished Art Art, Fullbody x6, Grayscale x6

Cursewire gained 14 HP, 14 Attack, 7 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack, 35 Sp. Defense, 6 Speed.
Cursewire has earned 87 stat points! Cursewire gained 17 level!

Sketch or Finished Art Art, Fullbody x2, Grayscale x2

Clayrun gained 9 Defense, 13 Sp. Attack, 2 Sp. Defense.
Clayrun has earned 24 stat points! Clayrun gained 4 level!

Trainer earned 323 Trinities.

You gained a Wish Tag!

Gift Bonus!
Pokemon of Choice gained 4 HP, 4 Attack, 4 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 11 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 28 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 5 level!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.
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