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{LoS} Leila by LadyPipen {LoS} Leila by LadyPipen
**Yes, I know the art sucks and her feet are missing- I will be updating with much better quality soon

Class: Human Folk
Race: Human
Variant: Witch/Animorph
Age Group: Young Adult
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Female

Build: Leila is a short, slight woman, and appears very delicate- and that's because for the most part, she is. In place of arms, Leila has large wings spanning 16 feet, and her upper body- particularly her shoulders. After the change, her feet and lower leg have become avian, with talons- and with three toes on the front and one on the back, Leila has roughly trained herself to be able to use them to make up for her lack of hands, albeit very clumsily

Occupation: Hedgewitch

Personality: Leila is a rightfully cautious young woman, spending most of her time outside of society- it is rather hard to hide wings and talons, after all, and she despises the stigma, pity and vendetta that often come with it. Unfortunately, she views all sentient life as 'society', so she's just as likely to respond violently to a loner walking in the woods minding their own business as those who whisper as she passes them in town.

With her paranoia of people, Leila has adopted a proud and manipulative attitude- She'll often try and trick lone travelers into doing her bidding, though it's rarely for malicious purposes- she's more likely to send travelers to town with a shopping list so she doesn't have to go, if anything- that is, if they don't simply have the items she needs on them, ripe to steal in the night.

On a more personal level, Leila despises pity for her fate- despite the fact that she very highly pities herself for it. Any attempt to help her, or advise her in any way closely resembling in relation to her 'handicap', will be met with nothing but distaste.

Pre-Group History: Born as one of the few middle children of an inkeeper couple, Leila spent most of her young life feeling invisible and unwanted. At age six, she was trusted mostly to her older siblings, to learn how to work and manage the large inn, while her mother cared for her two younger siblings. From the start, it was a disaster. Leila was a dreamer, often spacing out and daydreaming, only to be found hours later without actually having done much of anything. On the opposite side of the scale, some tasks she truly loved- but, with an acute eye for detail, she would spend all day doing them far more thoroughly as they truly needed to be done.

Eventually, her siblings just gave up, and set her in the kitchen, under the jurisdiction of her eldest brother. She was rather good at it- her eye for detail helped in recipes and cooking, and she enjoyed experimenting with food- though it didn't always work out very well, she enjoyed it, even with the punishments for 'trying to poison the paying guests'.

As the years passed, however, Leila found she needed more than just cooking to be happy. Her siblings didn't care for their flaky, air-headed sister, and she was forbidden from speaking with the visitors, and even if she had- they would have been gone as soon as she developed any sort of relationship. She was lonely, and felt it nearly constantly- until the day the witch arrived.

She was what one would expect of a witch- a skinny, ugly old woman, but she had warm eyes. Leila liked her instantly, and didn't mind when the old woman repeatedly asked her to stay and speak while she served. She will never know why, but when the lady questioned Leila as to what her greatest desire was, she answered truthfully. It was simple, Leila didn't want to be lonely. With a sly smile, the old woman handed Leila a book, pointedly replying with a certain page, with a certain spell that would give Leila the chance to 'fly away to a home where she would be loved'.

Unable to wait, that night Leila hid outside in the family's garden, and tried the spell- though the witch had seen something in her to assume Leila had a lick of natural talent, she didn't have the sense for it. She would never be a skinchanger- the spell went horribly wrong, with Leila unable to control the powers she was summoning, and she was mutated into the creature she is today. She fled her home, certain her family would never accept a cursed witch, and eventually taught herself to fly, and use her talons. She even kept the book, teaching herself the basics of magic, though she no longer attempted strange or difficult magic, instead focusing on purifying and healing, and rather enjoying living on her own in the wilds, and scaring the unwary as a "harpy".

- Despite being rather adamant about hating people, and remaining on her own, she truly does crave companionship, though she'll rarely admit it.
- Leila's bird half is an African Fishing Eagle- her skin was once darker, and technically, the upper half of her body is marked with Vitiligo, another result of her magic gone wrong.
- She really, REALLY enjoys her nickname of "harpy". Yeah, it was originally an insult, but it makes travelers a lot more scared of her than they really should be.
- The magic Leila has cursed herself with is, currently, irreversible. She is still searching for a cure.

Link to GP Tracker: Leila GP Tracker
MatrixPotato Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YAS Can't wait to rp with her!!
LadyPipen Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
omg YES PLEASE Just send a starter whenever man, I'm super excited for this girl~
MatrixPotato Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SWEET :la:
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