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Get Your Own Burrow! by LadyPipen Get Your Own Burrow! by LadyPipen
"Tiger Quolls are carnivores, and their prey items include but aren't exclusive to small birds, lizards, snakes, and small mammals."
"Quoll dens are usually burrows or caves, or stationed between rocks or tree roots."

9 August, 2015

After Samantha's disastrous attempts at a friendship with Samson, she had given up. Unwilling to get into a fight, she began to leave her enclosure mate alone, much to the disappointment of zoo visitors- Samantha's silly antics were once a great amusement to zoo visitors! After a few days, the newest Tiger Quoll to the zoo- though much more subdued than when she first came- Samantha seemed to have a great boost in temperament once more, seemingly recovering from the emotional impact of Samson's harsh rejection.

Unfortunately for Samson, this also meant an increase in confidence, and Samantha began following him around the enclosure again, seemingly renewed in her attempts at a friendship with the grumpy male Tiger Quoll. Though she didn't ambush him all day in desperate attempts to play, her constant trailing was not very appreciated... Especially when she attempted to follow him into the burrow he nested in! Though she had not burrow of her own, Samson was definitely not in the mood to share!

It seems that if Samantha wants to sleep anywhere but the floor of the enclosure, she will have to dig her own burrow in another part of the enclosure, or use one the zookeepers provide, the poor thing!
whispen Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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August 9, 2015
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