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Florence by LadyPipen Florence by LadyPipen

.:.General Information.:.

Name: Florence

Meaning: N/A

Species: Carnilore

Age: Young Adult

Pack: Rogue

Rank: N/A

Mate(s): N/A

Litters: N/A

.:.Character Information.:.


Florence was born to a lone Carnilore- driven from her pack for breeding without Alpha permission, she and her mate had faced the world alone- it wasn't unusual for young Carnilore to travel away from home to make their own packs, but Florence's parents were young- too young. Her father died while hunting, and her mother struggled to survive both the outside world, and her pregnancy. Luck was on her side- she had Florence, and the pair were able to survive, though not quite thrive.

As she grew, her mother made sure she had a little lady, not another unlawful rogue. She raised her daughter to be kind and fair, and most of all, cautious- in a pack one need not worry, but in the wild, alone, a young Carnilore must always assume the worst and be prepared for it- this, her mother always taught her.

Eventually, a day came when Florence simply woke up, and her mother was gone. Florence searched for days,but never found her mother, and eventually gave up, assuming she left to find a new mate now that her daughter was grown, or even returned to her old pack, leaving Florence behind, knowing the pack wouldn't take in her forbidden daughter.

A few months after being on her own, Florence found her own pup- a lost female Carnilore, abandoned or lost in the world. With no memory of where she belonged, Florence took Evelyn in- it wasn't hard to believe she was meant to be her daughter, they even looked like they could be, sharing the same colors.

As a young mother, Florence has found out quite a few things about herself- for instance, puppies aren't just cute, sweet fuzzballs. They're nasty, dirty things, and adventurous, and often wander off and require saving from predators or mud pools or other such things that leave Florence equally as gross or nasty.... and they eat the most disgusting things! Yet through all the work, Florence really does love her little Evelyn... Even if she can be a little brat sometimes!

.:.Genetic Information

ID#: C#199

Coat Type: Smooth (Gray)

Dom Marking #1: Leopard (Black)
Dom Marking #2: Tabby (Gray)
Dom Marking #3: ---

Accent #1:
Dorsal Strip (Gray)
Accent #2: Underbelly (Cream)

White Marking #1:
White Marking #2: Minimal
White Marking #3: ---

Carried Marking #1: Striped (Black)
Carried Marking #2: ---

Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Red

Mane Type: Maneless
Tail Type: Curled


Str: 2

Vit: 3

Spd: 10

Int: 1

.:.Art Log.:.

Shattered--Silence Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Scavenge Results:

You found an abandoned human camp! You scavenge assorted herbs and crude medical supplies. (Two Treatments are added to your inventory.)
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July 31, 2015
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