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EBC || Ziita by LadyPipen EBC || Ziita by LadyPipen

General Information

    African Lion/Mountain Lion
    Currently None
Light Underbelly, Ear rims, Pawtips, Large Ears, Large Paws
Paw Strips, Blue Eyes, Brown Pelt Coloration
Golden Pelt Coloration, Dark ears, Puma 'tear' marks

Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are the combinations that could have been but weren't…
Current Apprentice:
Other Apprentices:
Past/Current Mentor:

Personality, Biography, and History


"Let's see if you still have that attitude when I'm the Silver Hunter... Why are you laughing! It will happen!"

Ziita sets her sights high, and little can dissuade her of a high path that she has convinced herself she can, and will, walk. When she goes on a tirade about how great she's going to be it's best to just go with it ant humor her- she can get a bit violent when one suggests she's not quite as great as she says.

"You wanna try me? I'll claw that smirk off your smug little face, ya pile of scat!"

A loaded gun, it's quite unclear what exactly sets this little lioness off- Sometimes she's quite able to control herself. A majority of the time however, you don't even need to poke the proverbial bear- Ziita is ready to jump on her peers for the slightest provocation- even imagined slights. It can be as sudden as a hurricane with claws hitting you, or she'll wait to hiss and spit at you first. Either way, she's eager to spill blood.

"Hey, cheer up. The bullies suck, but at least you'll always have me, right?"

Despite her rather violent shortcomings, it's not hard to earn Ziita's loyalty once you gain her friendship. she has a hard time letting things go- Which means, while she holds grudges for a lifetime, so does she hold friendships. You can cut her deep as you want or abandon her- she'll still watch after you from afar.

"I'll follow you forever. Nothing will ever drag us apart!"

A cat of highs and lows, Ziita flips to extremes enough to give any cat whiplash, but one thing can be said for her- what she feels, she feels deeply. There is no grey area- it's deep hate or earth-shattering love, never any in-between, and she has great distaste for cats who don't hold their hearts on their sleeves. To such stoic, private cats, she spits- heartless stone!

"No! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything!"

Despite her aggression and strength, it becomes clear quick that it is more of a 'berserker' mentality than anything. If she is unable to win or cow her victim, or gets in trouble for it, Ziita's fight or flight instincts kick in to scream flight, and she's more than willing to drop any pretense at pride or dignity to obey this instinct... for now.

"You're not going to leave me.... Right?"

Her only learned behavior- Ziita was taken from her mother at a young age, and then abandoned and given away not long after. A young cub can't go through that without it leaving a mark- for Ziita, she's painfully aware of the aggression she can't help, and is forever terrified it will cost her any chance at friends.


"I don't remember my mother. I don't care to, either- I mean, I remember she was a Puma.... and her eyes. They were green, not blue like mine, and I remember her soft fur and smell, but doesn't everyone remember that about their mom? I don't remember her name, and I never knew the lion that was my dad, but it's not so bad. I don't have any names to live up to or live down, like some others do. And what if they were cowardly runaways? I want nothing to do with that!

I remember when Visha's father came to get me, though- I was afraid, I was only just weaned, but when he gave me to Visha, his preteen daughter, I knew things were going to be alright. I was her first cat- her father wanted to teach her how to train a good coliseum cat, one that wins, and as a plus I would be able to follow and guard her. Visha was less interested in that and more interested in me, the cub. She gave me my collar and paw-cuffs, and played with me- she even taught me tricks! I loved her, much more than I had ever loved my mother, and I would have done anything to keep her safe.

But her father found out she was skipping lessons, that she was teaching me to stand and shake hands and speak while she should have been teaching me how to fight and win and guard. "You've ruined her," he said when he confronted Visha, "She's a wild animal, a Coliseum Cat, and you've turned her into a pet!" He nearly ended me, there- I know it now, though I didn't then- I felt one blow, and something broke inside me, and I jumped at him- the only thing that stopped me from securing my own death and attacking the father was Atticus.

Atticus was a huge tiger- he held me as easily in his maw as I could a mouse, and he belonged to Mithas, the elder son, Visha's brother. He saw something in me- and coerced his father to give me to him, and his request was granted. The next week came temptation- in cubs, in trainers, even in some older cats. My aggressive streak shone through- most of the cubs I left marks I'm sure will scar, and I even took the finger off a trainer- that's why Mithas wanted me. He paid my way to be trained as a Bounty Hunter-

And I can't wait."

Background Information

Family and Empire Relations

Parents: Serena (Mountain Lion; Alive), Benedict (African Lion; Unknown)
Siblings: N/A
Other kin: N/A

Mate: N/A
Cubs: N/A


Bullet; White = Neutral
Bullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow = Crush
Bullet; Pink = Love
Bullet; Red = Dislike/Hate
Bullet; Orange = Family
Bullet; Black = Jealous
Bullet; Purple = Respect

Bullet; Black Bounty Hunters Bullet; Black

Bullet; Black Outside Bounty Hunters Bullet; Black

Plots and Prophecies, Wanted Status, and Empire Points

Not Applicable: Is a Hunter

Empire Statistics
Empire Points: 0
Stealth: 0
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Defense: 0
Intelligence: 0
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