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Dierdre by LadyPipen Dierdre by LadyPipen

Name: Deirde
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Height: 35''
Weight: 118 lbs

Deirdre is a large, heavyset female, with thick fur to guard her neck and head. Her physique is obviously focused on power, not speed or agility- she is a tank, and not as agile as other wolves may be, but she's just fine with that. She is a bit front-heavy.

Territory: Chandor
Soren – Brother - Alive (OkamiShiri)


Mothering |

Dierdre was meant to be a mother, she just knows it. Her large stature is misleading- she is gentle, and she always has a soft spot for young of any kind, but wolf pups especially. She longs for pups of her own, to love and raise as she was not. Motherhood isn't all sweet words and cuddles, however- and it doesn't matter if the child is hers or not, if she finds a pup in trouble or, heaven forbid you threaten a pup in front of her, she will not hesitate to react extremely aggressively. There is threat of loosing your ears.

Patient |

Born from seasons of waiting to escape from under her father's heavy paw, Dierdre is not adverse to waiting. Rather, with the promise of greater things in the future, she has no problem waiting, and her own suffering as tempered Dierdre into becoming rather empathetic, and she can be very patient and understanding with more aggressive or anxious wolves.

Romantic |

Not in the sense of romance, but Dierdre is a romantic at heart. She currently lives in a world of ideals- having been sheltered in her pack until recently, Dierdre doesn't truly know of hunger, or enemy packs or the threat of loners or winter. She sees magic and beauty in everything, and misses the threat they pose- there is a hope that she will lose this innocent view of the world before she meets a seemingly well-meaning tall, dark stranger.

Aggressive |

Dierdre's patience only goes so far. Once she figures out or suspects her good nature is being taken advantage of, or she sees you're just whining and not trying to fix your problems, she's out. Attempts at whining or leaning on her will be met with a fight- she will push you into meeting reality, since you obviously can't do it yourself. She meets strangers and trespassers with an amount of caution that is borderline aggression- it doesn't take much to spur her into attack when you threaten Soren, her brother.

Naïve |

Having spent her cubhood knowing, and being congratulated on, her unusual girth and strength as a female has left a lasting mark on Dierdre's mind. She is convinced she is invincible, and the world knows it- at least, the parts of the world that aren't good and pure, as she is currently convinced they are.

Pre-Group History:

Soren and Dierdre were born to a litter of three, to the Alpha pair of their home pack. Their sibling was a sickly runt who died soon after the litter was born, likely due to the advancing age of their parents. Their pack was small, a traditional tribal-sort of a pack. They lived in tradition and honor, led by the alpha pair, the parents of most all the packmembers, until they were old enough to venture into the world and form their own pack in their own territory... Leaving their parent's alpha status unthreatened.

Their father was extremely hard on the both of the pups as they grew. Soren was his son, a strong male prodigy, and Dierdre inherited the traits of her mother's family, growing heavyset and strong as any male pup. He wanted them to be as successful as he thought they could be, but his hard heart and aggressive nature didn't allow his pups to see his underlying well intention, and as the pair grew up, they felt their father hated them- and as kids do, this carried over to their mother, who let it happen without a word, unless in defense. She loved her pups dearly, drying their tears when they had them and nursing their bruises as well, but she wanted them as well prepared for the real world as their father did. They became very close, as their older siblings expected them to look after themselves, as they once had to.

As they grew, their father began to notice they had a dominant streak, especially in Soren- and it scared him as much as it infuriated him. He knew he was growing old, and he refused to let his youngest outdo him- their father fully believed Dierdre and Soren were plotting his downfall, to take over his pack and territory, and he could not allow such a thing to occur. He began to beat down even harder on the two pups, often to the point of bullying, and made sure the others in the pack did the same- the need to teach his children submission soon drove out any tenderness or paternal instinct he had. The siblings became the pack's omegas, ignoring any skill or talent they may have- those who followed their father in their humiliation were guaranteed to gain the alpha's favor.

The siblings felt it, too- and it only increased their own distaste for their father, and in their bitterness they grew stronger. They were determined to become better, stronger, to win. Eventually, they become large and old enough to survive on their own, and their parents had newer litters- they knew, of course, their banishment from the territory and pack was coming, and coming soon, but the proud siblings were loathe to leave without their revenge in their pride. Together they plotted their revenge, and their attempt to dethrone their father.

Of course, it ended disastrously- they were still younger than their father, and far more inexperienced, and they challenged the alpha pair- Dierdre's large stature didn't appear out of nowhere, and their mother was far fiercer than they had expected. They failed miserably and were, in the end, still chased from their home. Instead of separating and going their own ways, like their siblings had, their bond as best friends as well as siblings held out, and they struck out together. Family until the end.

Group History:

Hopefully coming soon!!

Other: TBA

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