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CoN - Genevieve by LadyPipen CoN - Genevieve by LadyPipen

|| General Information ||

||Name|| Genevieve 
    ||Alias|| Viv, Genie
||Species|| Dog
||Faction|| Waterfront Army
||Rank|| Special Forces Sergeant 
||Gender|| Female
||Age|| 4 years - Adult

||Physical description||
    ||Height|| 27''
    ||Weight|| 110 lbs
    ||Scars|| None
Heavyset- while she's a medium size dog, she's wide and compact, even under the fluff. She has the build of a fighting dog- wide with plenty of fur to keep her body safe, and she's inherited the bully breeds' jaw lock- once she chomps down, there is no forcing her to let go. A very defense-heavy dog, Genevieve is the Waterfront's unmovable object. 

|| Personality ||

| Ambitious | Strict | Vindictive | Sarcastic | Loyal |

Viv is loyal to the core- her pack, her packmates, it doesn't matter what she thinks of your personally, as so long as you are just as loyal to the Waterfront as she. Despite her spitfire personality, most all qualms she can find with others she can easily put aside for the good of the army- that is, assuming you are also thinking of the good of the Waterfront. That being said, she's a very, very picky dog to please- and isn't too quiet on her opinions, either. In Viv's opinion, it's not the spoken criticisms you should fear- it's the unspoken. Though she doesn't mince words- if she has an issue, dear lord, you're going to know about it- any spoken criticism isn't meant as offense- usually- but rather, review. If she sees something you could be doing better, in personality, ability, work, mentally, she's going to let you know. The pack is only as strong as it's weakest member- the barbed words hide genuine concern in a generally hard dog.

Her one true love, at least this early in Viv's life, is her work. Try something, bozo, she's begging you- while she tends to come across as an easy-going dog with an arsenal of barbed words, she's a hard nut to crack- and truthfully, things have been far too peaceful recently for her tastes. She has a great love for a good spar and conflict, but practice runs only go so far. While her duties require tact- and she has little issue carrying them out with such- she has a tendency to get trigger-happy when things start looking like they're going south.

Sparring, Swimming, Silly Orpheum cats(They're so stuffy and misguided!! It's hilarious!), Roses and Sunsets

Pacifism, Disloyalty, Heat, Shedding, Being a literal puffball(it's HOT)

Ice water, Sickness, The Dark(Or more aptly, what might be IN the dark that she cannot sense)

Chief position, Puppies, more TBA

|| History ||

| Conception & Birth |
Genevieve's parentage is a mystery- the truth is, she was found as a little ball of fluff pup, wandering no-man's-land between the factions, whining like the wet-nosed whelp she was- old enough to have survived a day or so on her own, though not old enough to remember what happened to her true parents.

| Kithood |
That she never knew her parents never truly bothered Viv- she took to the Waterfront like a fish to water. Though she never grew truly close to any of her peers, with most having their own siblings to look after, and her own nature being so contrary and back-handed, and yet she still felt there was a sense of connected-ness. Every pup had their place, just as every adult had theirs, in the well-oiled machine of the army, and though she herself was one small, isolated speck in the scheme of it... it was a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Rising the Ranks |
Viv was no different than any other pup- eager to start training, chosen for special forces due to both her stocky, muscular body type and her general disconnectedness- taking in everything while clinging to none of it. she had the makings for a fine agent if she could apply herself properly, it was said, and that first small bit of praise never left her. From the very beginning, Viv threw herself into training, learning all she could. Through successes and failures both- and her overeager, trigger happy attitude made certain there were plenty of the latter.

Though it taught her the value of defeats and failures early- both as a learning opportunity, and a mind trick. She grew impressive, though she never did lose that over eager attitude. Learning to manage it, however, is another story- even an undesirable trait can be used to one's advantage, if trained properly, and that was what Genevieve set out to do. There was no use trying to curb a tongue forever barbed, or cool a mind that was naturally hot tempered- using these traits to urge your peers to better themselves as well, or to make quick assessments and reacting to sudden changes in plan was just as necessary as having close social bonds and sticking to strategy.

|| Relationships||

||Orientation|| Bisexual
||Mate|| None(But it's planned, ladies and gents, cast your hearts elsewhere)

|| Excess Info ||

Character Theme | TBA
Character Playlist | TBA

Voice Actor Anais Mitchell

|| Submissions||

[ 2 ] - Current Ref

|| Faction Points ||


|| Levels/Stats/Skills ||

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