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CoN - Erik by LadyPipen CoN - Erik by LadyPipen

|| General Information ||

||Name|| Erik
    ||Alias|| N/A
||Species|| Cat
||Faction|| Orpheum Glaring
||Rank|| Senator
||Gender|| Male
||Age|| 5 years - Adult

||Physical description||
    ||Height|| 17''
    ||Weight|| 20 lbs
    ||Scars|| None
Very large- towers over most cats, but is all leg and lean muscle- perfect for agility, speed and acrobatics, though not so much massive brute strength. Still- it's hard not to come off as powerful when the average cat is, at best, 5 inches shorter.

|| Personality ||

| Introverted | Poetic | Loyal | Cunning | Invested |

Erik is a serious cat- it's easy to come off as cold when lost in thought when one is... Not quite so social as others. Beneath the resting bitch face, however, is a kinder heart, though he has troubles showing it at times, which leaves him with a generally cold and disinterested air about him. He cares deeply for his faction and the cats who voted themselves into his care, however, and is ready and willing to do what he must to preserve the peace and tranquility the Orpheum Glaring has enjoyed for so long. He's a strong believer in pacifism- war and battle beget nothing but death and despair, and nothing can not be solved by a conversation- or argument, if you will. He loves a good debate- keeping his tongue and mind sharp as his claws is a personal pride.

    Poems, Shiny trinkets, Bright Colors, Imperfect Perfections, A good argument, Those moments when you've just woken or are just falling asleep when everything is soft and blurred and warm

    Blood/Gore/Violence, Screeching sounds, Laziness, Difficult cats and dogs, Refusal to listen to reason, Manipulation

War- especially with dogs, Failure, Being voted out of the Senate, Death

A family, one day- More TBA

|| History ||

| Conception & Birth |
Erik's parents weren't quite star-crossed lovers, despite what his father would claim. Stevia was a Thoreau cat through and through, never demanding assistance and always standing on her own two paws- and for an amazonian feline like herself, it wasn't so hard. She was large enough to give smaller dogs pause, and skilled enough to be an accomplished huntress, and when Thomas saw her he fell, and he fell rather hard.

Yet a philosopher from Orpheum Glaring, and an older one at that, had little to offer a wild feline such as Stevia- in the beginning, his attempts at courtship were awkward and pitiful and she brushed him off- words were useless things, filled the ears well enough but bellies were a different matter. One could not talk a mouse into death, or reason a challenger out of your nest. Thomas was met with contempt and brushed off easily as one might flick a leaf from their shoulder, but never let it be said that Erik's father was not persistent. 

It was that very persistence that won Stevia over, in the end. A bumbling fool trailing noisily after her wherever she went was no help in hunting, or much of anything else. She became use to his tailing- his stubborn persistence, even his eventual attempts at teaching himself to hunt off her silent movements. He was a pitiful hunter- but by the time another, less friendly Thoreau cat stumbled upon him, Stevia found herself quite far gone. Far gone enough to stupidly fling herself into the fray and pull the stranger from her idiot shadow- love makes fools of us all, in the end.

Stevia taught Thomas how to hunt- and care for himself outside of an organized group such as Thoreau, though he never had the innate talent she possessed after a lifetime of caring for herself. He fell in love with the transcendentalism of the lifestyle as much as he had fallen for the she-cat, much to Stevia's exasperation, but there were times in which the foolishness of Thomas was half of his charm. Their courtship and friendship was long- Thomas visiting for extended periods but never truly leaving the Orpheum Glaring and Stevia very staunchly against giving up her freedom.

And into this the kittens were born- Erik, and his sister Ophelia. There was a third kit- another daughter, but born so frail and sickly that she did not live more than a few hours past birth, but her siblings who survived were the greatest blessings possible for their loving parents. 

| Kithood |
Erik grew up with his mother and sister in the wilds where the Thoreau cats roamed. His father visited often- helping his mother hunt and care for the kittens when he could, and teaching his children the intricacies of thought, sharing legends and stories and urging them to exercise growing minds as their mother urged them to exercise growing bodies. These young months were the best in Erik's life, with both loving and supportive parents, and his sister- both his best friend and most annoying rival.

All good things must come to an end, however- including peaceful domestic life. The first death came with a whisper- a sickness that took his sister. It wasn't much- a scratch, from playing too rough. She had fallen on rocks on the bank of the river, and while Stevia had rescued her kitten before she had drowned, her leg was twisted and ripped. At first- once home and cleaned- it had seemed as if Ophelia would be just fine. Scarred, yes, and perhaps would have difficulty walking as she grew, but fine.

Unfortunately, the family was very, very wrong. The wound grew infected quickly- Leia's young immune system unable to keep up with repairing both the leg and keeping sickness at bay, and try as she might, Stevia couldn't heal her daughter. The infection hit fast and worked quickly- by the end of the week, when Thomas was due to return, Ophelia had already passed, succumbing to the infection. Stevia was sad, yes- as was Thomas. Yet both knew it was the way of things- Stevia had siblings die in kithood as well. It was sad, but there was nothing one could do to stop it, no more than one could stop rain from falling.

Erik, though- Erik was heartbroken. His world had crumbled at only eight months of age- his sister, his only friend, gone forever. He never fully recovered from it, becoming withdrawn and quiet. He had always been a cautious kit, but after his sister's death, he had little interest in anything more than staying by his mother's side- he hated when either parent left, becoming convinced that one or the other would never return. And the fear was not entirely unfounded... One day, the worst did occur.

The Change |
Erik was alone for one day and two nights- long absences were not uncommon. Prey was often hard to find, and neither were contests with other cats- and so he waited. And waited. It was not until Thomas returned early, quiet and solemn, taking Erik from the nest in a tree hollow he had grown up in that he realized... Stevia was never coming back home. Stevia had followed her daughter- she, too, was dead. Years later, in the hushed whispers of elders who had known his father, Erik would learn what had happened- would hear the whispered tale of how his mother, strong and clever as she was, dying to the jaws of angry dogs. He'd never inquire further- it was already more than he wished to know.

In Orpheum Glaring, Erik missed his home. A 'wild' cat, the other adults would whisper- wild Thoreau. His fellow kittens tried to befriend him- blind to his humble origin- until they realized the tom was too shy and reclusive to see their attempts as anything but bothersome. He became a very lonely kitten, shadowing his elder father wherever he might go, in fear that he, too, would finally go where he could not follow. And... surely, as Erik entered into young adulthood at two years.... Thomas did enter the realm where he could not follow, quietly in his sleep one winter night.

The Orpheum Glaring |
Now alone, Erik was... Strangely at peace. There was no reason he could put his paw on- he had always believed that if his father died, a truth that was long coming, he would lose what little peace and sanity he had left, and yet... It was peaceful. His father had a long life- a happy life, too, with the Orpheum he loved so much and... Until a year prior, the cat he loved just as much. For a few months, Erik found himself secluding himself- hunting if he could, and finding a quiet nook in which to watch the other cats exist while he remained unseen. Simply watching and meditating on life.

One day, quite suddenly, to everyone's shock, Erik began making himself known. For the first time since he arrived as a kit, Erik participated in the daily life of his faction. He shared stories- both the familiar stories of his father, the strange ones from his mother, and his own experience- with kittens, found himself joining hunting parties rather than wandering alone. He found a love for caring for elders and expectant mothers both, when he was able, and discovered the joy of debate. There was something incredibly therapeutic about arguments- quiet a cat as he was, in debate he turned into someone quite different, full of conviction and passion, and he loved it- and found a certain amount of love in return from those around him.

Though he still has not pulled completely from his quiet, introverted ways, he has apparently left an impression on his peers of being enlightened by his years in the wild, his familiarity with death, and his days of meditation, enough so to have been voted into the Senate as one of the ruling cats- a heavy responsibility he has shouldered with pride and desire to do what good for his fellow cat that he can do.

|| Relationships||

||Orientation|| Heterosexual
||Mate|| None(But it's planned, ladies, cast your hearts elsewhere)
    Stevia | Mother | Thoreau | Deceased
    Thomas | Father | Orpheum Glaring | Deceased
    Ophelia | Sister | Thoreau | Deceased

|| Excess Info ||

Character Theme | TBA
Character Playlist | TBA

Voice Actor | TBA

|| Submissions||

[ 2 ] - Current Ref

|| Faction Points ||


|| Levels/Stats/Skills ||


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