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Bohemia by LadyPipen Bohemia by LadyPipen

Name: Bohemia “Boho”

Age: 19 (Birthday- June 22, cuz why not)

Parents: Tree Hugger x Troubleshoes

Siblings: N/A for the moment

Talent: Spiritual healing and all that entails. Boho is surprisingly in tune with other’s emotional and physical health and is practiced in healing spiritual, emotional and physical ailments… with all-natural, wholesome remedies, of course.

Bio/Personality: *Is subject to change if and when Bohemia gains siblings

                Bohemia was all-natural from the start- including with her, ah, entrance to the world. Tree Hugger was not one for anything less than natural. If the mares of old could do it, so could she. Bohemia adores her mother- though she rarely sees her anymore, Boho and Tree Hugger grew extremely close as the young mare grew up- Troubleshoes was a different story.

                Bohemia was a bit of an accident, to say the least. She wasn’t really planned- Tree Hugger took to pregnancy with grace, being more in-tune with natural rhythms of life and ‘fate’. Troubleshoes, on the other hoof, panicked. He was still in the mindset that he was bad luck- and even if he wasn’t, he was still terribly clumsy, and big, and foals were just so tiny and delicate… In the end, he mysteriously disappeared before Bohemia was even born, and for most of her younger years, stayed gone. It wasn’t until she was seven years old, a young lady by then.

                Though Tree Hugger was able to forgive and forget and work through their relationship, Bohemia wasn’t so forgiving. She never fully accepted Troubleshoes, though he did try to become a part of her life and be a real father. To this day, Bohemia resents him for abandoning her and her mother- and even to a small extent, Boho resents her mother, for forgiving Troubleshoes and loving him anyway, though she would never admit such a thing.

                Bohemia lives up to her name- She hates staying in one place for too long, preferring instead to travel, though she does feel most at home in the wilds of the Everfree forest, where nature takes care of itself, rather than ponies dictating it. Somehow, she can’t help but feel it’s more… natural, that way. That being said, she has dotted it with several secret gardens for her natural remedies, though only where the forest allows her to, of course. She doesn’t mind being larger than most mares, either- her inherited size certainly helps on her travels, and let’s see another mare able to buck a timber wolf away with just three kicks! Who needs to attract guys anyway, really?

                Though even with her rough edges, Boho cares about her work and the world. She tries to be gentle with the world and all creatures, even the toothy ones, though she struggles with being too stubborn and blunt to really count as ‘social’ or ‘kind’. Luckily, her whole demeanor transforms when she is in her element of healing- she is a lovely nurse, more than happy to bend over backwards to help you heal… if you’re not faking it. Though she does have this nasty habit of turning healing into life lessons…


    -          Very clumsy, like her father. A true bull in a china shop…

    -          Has a giant appetite, and will eat just about anything

    -          Hates rodeos, but is extremely competitive- she’ll take any dare or challenge, for better or for worse…

    -          Hates make up, and any beauty treatment in any way unnatural. She makes her own home remedies and treatments out of herbs and plants she grows herself.

    -          Hates most kids, but a few of the quieter ones have a chance to win her heart… and protection from playground bullies.

    -          Loves being called a witch.

    -          A very idealistic mare, everything is black and white. You’re good or you’re bad. Evil exists and so does true love… Everything in a balance, the circle of life, that sort of thing.

    -          REALLY into the fictional fae…. And spirituality, as well.




*SPECIAL NOTE – I love all art done for my OCs, but please do not use a base to draw my characters. I go through great lengths to make them each unique in both personality, mane style and body type, and bases undo all that work.

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LadyPipen Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Strawberry-Spritz and keldeos - I had her done since yesterday, and didn't see ya'll had claimed siblings until just now when I logged in! So I'm not gunna submit her to the group yet, but I'd like ya'll to tell me what you were planning for the history of Tree Hugger xTroubleshoes and their other two kids and read what I had planned when I thought I was the only one claiming one and we can work out a history that makes everyone pleased~ 
(SUPER excited to see Boho's siblings, too!!)
Strawberry-Spritz Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hey, been meaning to reply but I haven't exactly had the time to do so; anyway-
I've got a boy I designed: he's in his teens (couple years younger than Bohemia) and his name is Dosey Doe "Doughboy" and he's pretty sweet and loves making other ponies happy. He volunteers at homeless shelters and loves giving back to his community. He prefers his hair long and kept out of his face; many of the younger fillies love to braid and play around with his mane.
LadyPipen Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, do you have any suggestions on how to fix the history to fit him, since he is only a couple years younger than Bohemia?
Strawberry-Spritz Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest, I have no real ideas for history ;w;
I'd be willing to change whatever is needed for him to fit though-
LadyPipen Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I included the history there in the bio if you wanna read over it and change him to fit, or offer an edit! I'm really fine with either xD
Strawberry-Spritz Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gah her story is so good oh my goodness! I'm thinking of maybe she kinda starts to resent her siblings perhaps? Maybe like she felt that her parents had another kid to replace her or something? And perhaps for the longest time she wanted nothing to do with them until some kind of event triggers her inner 'protective big sister' mode? And after that she begins to love them to death and will not stand for anyone to hurt them.
Dough likes having her around to test new recipes of his and also tries to get her to loosen up and join him on nights out.
keldeos Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016  Student Filmographer
Howdy hey! I was just thinking the same thing on how to put the siblings somewhere o v o ! So far I have a colt planned that is more of a cajun swamp dweller living on the edge of Appaloosa somewhere in the woods close to Troubleshoes. He's lofty, let's life takes its strides but loves a good show. Im not quite sure about his birth yet but that's what I have so far~ 
LadyPipen Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually really love that idea! It's very original owo I know Boho would enjoy visiting (as long as it didn't mean visiting Troubleshoes as well...) What age were you thinking for him?
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