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Darth Caedus

Happy Star Wars Day!  Presenting Han and Leia's original evil space wizard son, Jacen Solo AKA Darth Caedus.  I thought he was a pretty well-written villain, though to be fair I haven't read a lot of books with him but the ones I read, WOW JACEN.  I mean he kills his own aunt then tells his cousin, "it's okay we'll find who killed her" when Ben Skywalker finds Mara's body.  Never mind that he tries to have BOTH Han and Leia arrested or killed too...

I want to finish reading the Legacy of the Force series so I can see the Solo Twins duke it out to the end, because that would have been an intense scene to see in a movie.  I was toying with the idea of drawing Caedus with his daughter since even though he did some terrible (TERRIBLE) things, he still wanted the best for her and I thought that that would make for an interesting picture.  However...I ran out of time...and forgot today was Star Wars Day (it's been a busy week!), so here's a brooding Jacen instead!

May the Fourth Be With You!

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With that thumb-sized preview, I figured he was shedding a tear for what he's doing to his loved ones.
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check out our films that bring jacen and jaina life!

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This is such an amazing image of Caedus! <333 It captures him so well and the lighting ks;djf;lkdsajkfasjd

( Also the thought of an image of Jacen and Allana is A+++++ There was never enough of Jacen specifically with her in the books, just Caedus. D: There was also never enough official art of any of those characters! )
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Thank you so much!!  Oh, yes!  I'm just having a hard time coming up with an image so it's one of the things on the backburner. DX  I used Wookiepedia for ref for Caedus but the one problem I ran into was that the various cover artists for the novels had different interpretations of he never looked consistent...  I've found some great pictures of the Original EU characters on here though so they came in handy for ref! :D
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oooo!!! Is this who Ben Solo is based on? Love the bold, dramatic lighting here,and the deep, brooding look on Caedus' face. I can almost 'hear' the imperial march! lol. Perhaps you could draw Caedus and his daughter for Father's Day? It's coming up soon :)
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Yep!  A much more darker, scarier son of Leia and Han, haha!  I liked that the books had the Solo twins on opposing sides of light and dark because it showed what could have happened if things went differently for the Skywalker twins...

Thank you!  I just kept adding more adjustment layers and liking it too much to hold back! lol

Hmmm, now there's an idea!  I'm already planning on a Maelstrom Father's Day picture, but I could do a Caedus and Allana one for a bonus pic too. ;)
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The lighting on this is really awesome. great job!
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I've only read the books before he turned. It's pretty heart breaking to think about.
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I read the Thrawn trilogy and Timothy Zahn's other duology, but I never got around to reading any of the novels when Jacen was still good.  It did take me by surprise to find out he ended up that way though, and the Fate of the Jedi books helped me to see how his journey across the galaxy warped his moral compass...
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This looks interesting. Love the expression on his face with that evil lighting!
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That you!  Oh, he's definitely an interesting villain!
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I never got to read the ones where he was the villain, but I think the books had some better ideas than the movies. (The little I know about Jacen makes him sound way more scary than Kylo.)
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Oh, definitely!  I'm hoping to collect the rest of the Legacy of the Force books so I can read them in order and see his progression.  It'll also be interesting to see how Jaina mentally prepares herself in order to kill her brother, cuz that definitely is something she wouldn't find easy...  But yeah, the calculating villains who think that they're doing something for the Greater Good win out imo.
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I'm not sure what they're going to do for Episode IX. I mean, Rey's beat Kylo twice. He's not threatening enough.
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Yeahhhh, unless they dredge up some other bad guy or Kylo gets more powerful. :shrug:  I still haven't seen TLJ yet because honestly I was disappointed with the previous two Disney Star Wars films and didn't have very high hopes.  Is it worth the watch?
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I think Rogue One was the best of the three new ones. I wasn't very happy with TLJ. I feel like How It Should Have Ended had a much more epic storyline than the actual movie. I actually did a thing about some ways Rebels did better than the new movie.…
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HISHE is a blessing, haha!  I always watch them with my sister after seeing a movie I know they made a video for. :D  I would have paid money to see Rey and Luke bat blaster bolts at the AT-ATs...if only...
also I still wish that Ben Skywalker was in the film/canon too but OH WELL

I think a big problem with the films is that they try to cram too much stuff in, whereas in the shows they can pace themselves with the plot so you don't feel like you're being suffocated by three different stories going on. :\
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Ben was so funny. I miss him.

True. I also think maybe the crew writing the shows are working harder to appeal to original fans. 
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I appreciate that they brought back Thrawn, but I haven't caught up enough yet to see if he's consistent with Mr. Zahn's version of the character...
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