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Chapter Three
Chapter Three
 The sky shone in pale blues and pinks, the tops of trees just beginning to glow with the rising sun. On his way to the city, a man came upon a peculiar sight.
 A riderless horse stood near a heap.
Curiousity peaked, he dismounted, going in for a closer look. As he neared,the horse' he noticed the tip of a sword protruding from the back of a strange creature. Rot and decay hit him hard when he was mere feet from it. His insides summersaulted, sending their contents up. Heaving until there was nothing left, he stood, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. He wanted nothing more than to leave, but something was keeping him there.
A vaguely feline head lay next to huge crumpled wings on the grass.
Thin limbs, each tipped by thick talons splayed out a coiled mess of a body. The entire animal was blueish-grey and hairless, a faint scale pattern running the length of it.
 “Well here it goes. A strong push rolled the beast over. By the Gods!
A man lay motionless,
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Annie  by LadyofValedran Annie :iconladyofvaledran:LadyofValedran 2 1
Mature content
Chapter Two :iconladyofvaledran:LadyofValedran 0 0
    ~ High God Council ~
        “We're running out of time!” Althea stated wearily, massaging her temples. “I agree.” The voice belonged to Riyven, one of several gods currently in council debating their next move.
The gods were at war.
A darkness unlike any permeated the land. Brave souls fought and fell, mortal and immortal alike stood little chance.
     “We need to stay offensive this is the only way we're going to win.” Feyr shot back. “Everything that has been done so far has ended in failure” Riyven argued, ignoring the glare the fire lord was giving . “Our defenses are spread thin” he continued “nearly to the point of breaking if something is not done soon...” Riyven trailed off glancing round the room. “Why
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Quiet Moments Final
Hey Guys! Lady Vale here,

Thought I'd give Dark a little present today. Not only is it a present for dear Dark, it's a gift for the ever lovely… as it's based off of her story "Art Therapy". Go check out her gallery for all the Darkiplier goodness you can handle! :D (Big Grin) Love 

Sorry for the image waviness, my scanner really doesn't like me.:D (Big Grin)  
This is the final, colored image of my other Mark pieces, and it looks SO MUCH BETTER! From the moment pencil touched graph paper, this took 11 hours. That's not including the time I spent trying to do it digitally and failing, because he wanted traditional and I wouldn't listen. Eh, it's all good. He was challenging me to do something (realism ie HIM) and I think I succeeded, bearing in mind it's not perfect but it still looks like him and Mark. Now Anti wants his own work, but it being Anti, he wants an even more ambitious work.:headshake: emote What am I getting myself into??? 

Prismacolor pencils
Strathmore Toned Grey Paper
Odorless Mineral Spirits

As always Mark is Copyright his parents and himself. Dark is Copyright Markiplier. I just borrow both for drawing practice :D.
Take care!
:heart: & :hug:
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Hey guys! 

The 1984 movie Splash is one of my top five favorite films and I'm planning on writing a fan novelization for it. It will continue on from where the movie left off in a couple of special ways;) (Wink) 
Would everyone like to see the ending first or start from the beginning?  


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Konnichiwa! (Hello) Japanese
Dia duit! (Hello) Gaeilge

Lady Vale here, but you can call me Sara if you like. Just an aspiring artist and writer who dreams of one day visiting and hopefully living in one of these places:
(Washington State if out of country isn't a possibility)

I have been learning Japanese for around six months and Gaeilge (Irish) for a month, but am self taught as the area where I live there are no native speakers.

While I'm still learning about art/writing myself, I am more than happy to pass on what I know. So fire away and thanks for stopping by my little corner!


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