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Zevi to the Rescue!

Featuring Zevi
Early Spring
Year 767 of the New Age
Blackwood, Widow's Hollow

Herbs had never been Zevi's strong suit, she couldn't hardly tell the difference between grass and herbs so she was out hoping to try and up her skills. Zevi also wanted to help with her father whom had been tired as of recent. So to hopefully help boost his strength Zevi was on the look for foxglove. She remembered her friend had mentioned that foxglove was used to help restore strength to the body. The filly was eager to be of use to her father as she searched frantically for the herb.

Before she had left her father had instructed her on what the foxgloe looked like. It sounded easy enough to fine with the purple bell shaped flowers and dark green stem and leaves. As her eyes searched eagerly for the herb she let out a joyful hoot as she spotted the tell tell signs of the herbs. Quickly scooping the herbs within her mouth she galloped on home to hand them over to her father, hoping this helped with his weakness.

Zebra tail (c) Momotte2stocks 
horse mane (c) consideritfox 
fawn stock (c) daftopia 
bacground (c) HumbleBeez
Zevi (c) me
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