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Ashley Graham: Car Model?

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And now... you all know what became of Ashley after RE4! XD :lol:

Hahaha... honestly, this was just a silly photo that happened during my photoshoot at Colossalcon this year with ~AndraiaTower. She was doing a shoot for another one of our friends at the same time, and he was leaning against his car, when she said that I should drape over it like a car model. I've never actually sat on the hood of a car before, so I was terrified that I might crunch it in. Luckily, we were okay! And we got this very silly photo of me... :D
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Thanks very much! She's still one of my fave cosplays to wear! :heart:
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You make a lovely Ashley in my oppinion :3 (I`m no lesbian, I just the type of woman who can say when another woman looks pretty)
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thank you! :D And it's okay, I'm really open-minded about that stuff, and always compliment women when I find them pretty, so I'd never take offense! :heart:
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I believe you were the Ellis I talked to at ColossalCon 2012.
I was the Merchant all day Saturday and I talked about one of my friends wanting to cosplay as Ashley, and I was told to look for an Ashley on a car. I assume this is it, lol.

And I must say you look cute in this shot.
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Ah, yes! That is me, indeed! :D Glad you found me! Always awesome to meet fellow RE cosplayers, and thanks so much! ^_^ <3
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I talked with my friend, and she's still kind of interested in building an Ashley cosplay, so I may bother you about it in the future.

I find it kinda wierd that, despite the Merchant not being complete by my standards, people still gave me compliments. (I still have yet to find a pic of me on this site, though, lol)
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You have a verry cute smile, and your a looker to boot!
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Oh gosh, thanks so much! :blush:
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I am glad you are taken. I to am happily married 21 years now.But I sure would like to be yours if we were not married. Implyd in a humble manner M'lady
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Great, and very pretty, nice legs :giggle: :)
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Aww, gee, thank you! :blush:
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Awww, well thank you so much! :heart:
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não era eu desculpa
pela falta de respeito
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love it i wish she could climb other stuff on her own on the game XD and what really bugs me is getting her down but i love the pic :iconlamaplz:
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Aw thank you so much! :D Yeah, sometimes it's frustrating that she can't do some things by herself, but I always thought it was cute how Leon catches her when they climb ladders and such. :)
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Ya true thats the good side :D i think you make a great Ashly ^-^
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Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!
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Any time . .
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Thats frekin funny!
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