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I look past the mirror
whenever I can, but today
I can't look away
from the person reflected

in the slightly fogged glass
that doesn't always show
the image clearly,
but it's clear enough.

Hair that can't settle
for one colour or another,
shades of blonde
overlapping and blending
like streams of thought that
only connect
to each other by thin strings.
Fringe brushed to one side,
a curl in it from where
I always tuck it behind my ear.
Just a little thing,
and I don't know if anyone else
ever notices it.

Heart-shaped face,
wide forehead
(clever girl, big brain,
large skull, perhaps?
It's an explanation,
even if it's nonsense),
high cheekbones that line
gaunt cheeks quick to flush –
I'm easily embarrassed
by my own haplessness,
because I know
I'm more capable than that.
But it doesn't bother anyone but me.

Brown eyes,
but there's a ring of green,
and that's one of the few traits
I get from my mother.
I'm like Harry Potter that way –
I look like my father,
but I've got my mother's eyes.
Brown, turning to green,
dry autumn leaves
turning to new spring growth.

Those eyes don't work so well,
and being without my glasses
makes me dizzy so quickly.
It would annoy me,
but I like wearing my glasses.
They need cleaning, though,
they're covered in dust
from lying on the shelf overnight.

I hardly ever notice
the rest of me,
the body that does the work
of this mind I prize so highly.

Pianist's fingers,
not that I ever was that good
at playing music.
I didn't enjoy it enough
to practise as much as I needed to
the first time I tried to learn,
and then I never had the chance,
or the opportunity,
or the time to try again
(actually, that's a lie.
I have time, I just don't have
the confidence to try something
without being prompted.)

Slender arms,
but not weak by any means.
It's a shame that I
can carry such weight
in a bag,
but I still can't
carry the weight of myself
for long before
I collapse.
But I pick myself up again,
so that's probably okay.

I'm not a big girl,
even if I'm tall
among the Welsh.
Not much weight
and I'm not sturdy
or steady on my feet,
but I can balance
and hold my ground
when I have to,
and that's just what I do.

Long legs,
they add to my height
but not much else.
But I can run fast enough
and long enough
to survive,
and if I can do that,
I can do enough.
There's no need to do
everything all at once.
Stay awake long enough
to do what needs to be done.
If you're only going
to fall asleep halfway through,
there's not much point.

And like the tangles in my hair
that a single brush a day
won't undo
whatever I do,
my thoughts tangle
and change and turn
into something that they weren't
at first, but that's just
how my mind works.

So I step away from the mirror
and then I'm done with those thoughts.
Still a day left
to get through
until I can go back to sleep,
and sleep is good.

I exist,
and until I cease,
I'll keep moving.
It's simple enough.
Until this body disintegrates,
it'll keep working,
and as long as it keeps working,
so will I.

 A lot of you have probably seen 5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG) at some point, a lovely poem by the lovely chromeantennae , and it seems that he's been inspiring others (including me, now) to try similar pieces (Tag (Ugh) And an Important Feature showcases a few examples). I'm not entirely sure why I decided to write this, but it was something to write and I need a bit of stress relief at the moment. (Make sure you read Ricky's poem - it's long but it is absolutely wonderful. Kudos to you, sir :salute:)
 And because I don't have Ricky's way with titles, I'm just doing the same thing he did and giving my measurements, only I can only do them in metric because I still don't understand imperial measurements even after eight years in Britain and I don't know how I measure up in those. So, yeah, this is a brief description of me.

Edit 12th Oct: Now there's a journal especially for all of these poems - This Deserves a Feature of Its Own. (I still don't understand how these links work on dA. Meh.)

Edit 14th Oct: And now there's this: Beauty In Raw Humanity - The Self Image Project. I hope I won't have to add too many other links to this...
© 2014 - 2020 LadyOfFrost
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:squee: Thank you so much! Heart  
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I love this, I really do. I can't exactly pin why, but it sits well with me.

Maybe it's the colors.
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Thank you :heart: I'm glad you liked it.
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such a beautiful piece
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Thank you. Your piece was beautiful too, just so you know :heart:
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This is really good!
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Awesome description. Now I can imagine you as a real person :) Really like how you connected your physique and character traits.
(and wow i'm so jealous i'm only 158 cm small and my hair is a half-blonde colour that is called "dirty stray dog blonde" in germany but with a touch of weird orange at the tips)
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Thank you - I'm glad I managed to convey that much :-) I did try to link the two, in my usual careless way, so it's a good thing it comes across.
('Dirty stray dog blonde'? I wish we had that kind of description here - the best Britons can do is 'mousy' - 'dirty stray dog blonde' might not sound lovely, but it's much more evocative, I think.)
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This is fantastic. I love this so much. God, I can't begin to express how I surprised at I am with so many people picking this up. It's just astounding. :faint:
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 You did such a good job of the original poem that everyone thinks it's wonderful, and it's inspiring people :-)
 And thank you. I got a bit nervous about this at first - I don't usually like talking about my body because there's such a big disconnect between the way other people go on about 'pretty' and my own rather vague ideas about what I look like. It's almost surprising that I didn't have to go look in a mirror during the writing of this poem :giggle:
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I'm so, so proud of you. :heart:
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I'm glad I made you proud, Ricky :glomp:
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Well, looks like I can go to sleep satisfied with the day's work. :-)
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Absolutely. You are inspiration. :love:
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That's your job, Ricky. You're the inspiration around here Heart 
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