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TWD: Cherokee Rose

"I’m not fool enough to think there’s any flowers blooming for my brother"
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He's straight actually
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:O this is so cool and pretty and the rose makes it even better!!! <3
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you know. now that i saw this an idea has been around my mind. I WANT a cherokee rose tattoo ♥
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it would be a cool tattoo!
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I was worried yesterday at the new ep... but Daryl is also too cool to die!!! I only hope he doesn't kill or harm poor Rick!
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I'm more worried about he harming poor Andrea, but I don't think he will... he seems like he is starting to become a little more sociable creature, he hasn't tried to "stomp" anyone's ass in this season yet
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Hahahaha well Andrea can be very bitchy too haha... Let's just hope Daryl doesn't listen to his brother... allucination xP
But I think it's so sweet what he's doing for Sophia:meow:
Rick has had enough already
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That was a great line.
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yes beside the tattoo it resemble a lot the flower of death at my tarot
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it's a cherokee rose, if the flower of death of your tarot is a cherokee rose then it's the same flower xD
plus, traditional tattoos have lots of links with images of death so it suits the fact I designed an old style
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I believe it is , thanks I did not know the name:)
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I love Walking Dead! This scene was particularly beautiful :)
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yes it was, I was crying like an idiot ;_;
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Aw It's all good my sweet :) It means you felt something, which is always beautiful cinematography ;)
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I cry way to easily when I watch movies/shows... xD
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Now cherokee rose is my favourite flower x)
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god that was a sad scene ;n;
but it gave me a new found respect for him (i used to just like him for his tough-guy attitude) He's gotten so much more development in S2 :iconhappyderpplz:
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