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my perfect trio of idiots : Odin, Hœnir and Loki

considering the legends, Odin and Loki were best buddies and sworn brothers once, and in all the myths surrounding them they are always with Hoenir... in some version of the myths of the creation of humanity, those three made men together.

because Hoenir is depicted as an indecisive one (and it's said he was really swift too) I've the impression he was probably not happy about the other two's idea of "fun".

enjoy then! what do you think?
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it's perfect, Loki and Odin the idiots challenging the universe and Hoenir the one stuck up with them, i'd love to see more of their adventures
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if I find the time maybe later this year!
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Sworn brothers? Loki was Odin's second son though. :O
Well, adopted, but son none the less. 
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No he wasn't.

That was Marvel's bullshit.
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Nope, though I suppose it's different depending on which version of the mythology you read.
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Actually, no.

There is no version which makes Thor and Loki brothers.

Loki is always Odin's blood brother.

Marvel was just too lazy to do five seconds of research and it pissed me off.
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Okay, I'm annoyed right now (not really at you to be honest, I just had a seriously bad day), so I'm sorry if I come across as harsh, 
but do you honestly believe you can come and tell me, a native Swede who has read about this in school and during my free time since I was eight years old,
there are no version where Loke is not Odin's brother? Because that's bullshit.
While most myths always have a "core", there are several differences between them depending on your source, and relationships between the Gods, etc, are one of the things which differs depending on your source of information.

Yes, most of the versions of the Nordic Mythology refer Odin and Loke as brothers, but not all of them.
Please also keep in mind the comment you answered from me was written back in 2013, which was four years ago.

I don't know how much Marvel researched the Nordic Mythologies before they made the Thor films, but they might just not have followed your source of information.
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I had no idea you were a native swede (I'm jealous BTW) And yeah, you're right.

I feel so stupid now to be honest.
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It's fine, really. Don't feel stupid. :tighthug:
Sorry if I came across harsh - I've dealt with way too many idiots today to be in a good mood. :hug:
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Thank you for the kind words!

And it's fine, I know exactly how you feel.
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in the original legends on which the marvel comics are based, Loki and Odin are sworn brothers. 
the fact Loki is Odin's adopted son was something Marvel invented and that has nothing to do with the Edda, in which all the deities are named as Odin's children because he's the Allfather, not because he is actually anyone's parent, except for Thor, Balder and a couple others. 
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That's not how I remember it. I grew up with these stories and also read(ed?) them in elementary school and everything as a Swedish girl. :O
Oh well, I guess I might have mixed some things up during the years. ^^; That just gives me a excuse to read about them again though! :D

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I don't doubt there may be popular versions or fairy tales where the realtionships between gods are described as different from the Edda, after all it's something that is part of the culture and culture is a moving and always changing thing, but to directly quote, in the Lokasenna (a part of the Poetic Edda), Loki says: "Do you remember, Odin, when in bygone days we mixed our blood together? You said you would never drink aleunless it were brought to both of us" alluring to the fact they were sworn brothers and fought on the same side!
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I will try to find the books about all this in the local library again, 
maybe I can refresh my memory a bit with all those books. :D
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jajajaja you´re a geniuos.... I never stopped to think about it... it´s true
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hahhahah thank you xD
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i knew Loki is the adopted son of Odin.
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not in the norse legends, Loki and Odin are sworn brothers there.
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yep. they are best buddies for a good part of the Edda, then Odin starts getting paranoid because a prophecy says Loki will bring the Ragnarok and they argue and Loki begins to become the villain.
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oh...why am i so stupid..
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Marvel Get's everything Wrong With The Norse Gods. And what I pretty much mean by  that is....Ya knew, in the movie Thor, Sif has Brown hair?. In the Myth her hair is like SUPER! LONG! And it's not brown, it's golden. I believe it symbolizes wheat. And Thor isn't what you would call the neat and kind type. He's more like, LET'S GO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF LØKI!! AND GET DRUNK, THEN START A FIGHT!!. And Odin on the Other Hand,The Vikings Feared him! Afraid He might hurt them in some way. Because Odin, is no joke! 
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All was well until one of Loki's sons kills Odin...
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they used to in fact
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