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Black Dagger - Wrath

At the moment I read the books "Black Dagger" by J. R. Ward. It's very good.
Here is my test of Wrath, the king of vampires and leader of the brotherhood.
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lady-croi-tine-dubh's avatar
Love your interruption of Wrath. Love to see what you do with the rest of them. BTW another great set of books is Sole Regret. They're not about vamps but intriguing just as well.
Firichuuu's avatar
>/////< I Love Wrath! :thanks:
geekymimi's avatar
I just started reading the series and this is exactly how I imagined Wrath...great job!
kidotaku94's avatar
Love it! <3 I kind of imagined Wrath as looking like the main guy from the tv show Metalacalypse (sp?) lol but yeah..great work
YES... absolutely... maybe a bit bigger in the shoulders and arms but everything else is purr-fect LOL!!!
shinhbang's avatar
Yep, that looks more than right for me! :)
This is truly the most accurate artistic depiction I have ever seen of Wrath. Hope you create some more!
KittySanNoir's avatar
OMG It is Wrath *____*
Jade12090's avatar
That is so badass!!!!!!
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KieranDrouge's avatar
GREAT JOB! I soo thought it was a picture when i clicked. ^^
Chanella's avatar
fantastic :) exactly how i imagined him ;)
Rena16's avatar
Hail the Blind King *bows*
Littlescreamer666's avatar
I lvoe this series I own the whole thing. the only thing is i think hes arms need to be a bit longer <3
Stryker123's avatar
wow....thats so friggin good, yeah i agree with JuvenyleChylde, thought it was an actual photograph of a person.
Mondspur's avatar
I love it.
I love him ;]
THE-Fuzzy-Fairy's avatar
VERY well done. :]
PeridotLeo812's avatar
These are awesome! I's love to see some of the other brothers too! Keep 'em coming. :D
Miss-Morgue's avatar
great job! pretty much the same as how I imagined him :)
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JuvenyleChylde's avatar
Thought he was a photo!
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