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AC Altair - Hidden blade

My version of Altair with his hidden blade^^
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what about the extintion
Eboy4190's avatar
Nice Altair twist on outfit
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bayrozoma's avatar
nice nice nice nice
gavistan's avatar
very cool. i luv that the blade is bigger at the end
hiram67's avatar
great work, such models poser you used? The textures you made yourself? :)
Tresdiasdegracia's avatar
Wow! I love it! you are very talented :)
Leafia111's avatar
This adds to my obbsesion... Maybe buying assassicreed was a bad idea... aw who am i kidding we all love him!
cool ! how did you do that ?
LadyNightVamp's avatar
Thx :)
I've made it with Poser and Photoshop.
mike-reiss's avatar
Great image!
I love the lighting and shadowing... :hug:
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I bet everyone wants that blade xD. Too bad you have to give up your ring finger for it o3o
Top-Hat-Wolf's avatar
lol I never get tired of killing guards with out anyone noticing X3 so much fun!
xkelbix's avatar
lol i kno how u feel XD wonder what we'll be like with the new one lol
Top-Hat-Wolf's avatar
not only that, you can kill enemies with their weapons, shoot the blade too (like in the trailer) and bunch of stuff!! I cant wait to play it!
xkelbix's avatar
same :D once i get the money im gonna buy it lol
Demondog888's avatar
Thats real cool, man!
Vladsnake's avatar
I just love it, nice work.
LeBByIrVeE's avatar
WHOA. great job
MyShadowSoul's avatar
All I can say is WOW!!!!!
GameGal101's avatar
I'm typing with a knife in my left hand right now! HIDDEN BLADE! Lol wut? It's fun!!
I hate to be the critisizing guy in the middle of all the praise but there are several improvements that couldve made this all that more better to me. For example the "beak" of the hood, The blade is the wrong shape, The right sleeves leather had to metal guard and the clothing consisted of an under and over top. Atherwise the quality of the work is great
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