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Scenes  - My Art Diploma on University nicolaus copernicus, 2015 - Art in education.

Being inspired by the motif of perceiving a body, I have made a cycle of intimate photos of women. The models have been presented in nudes and half-nudes. Each model has their photo-triptych which includes photos made in a studio, in open air, and digitalized photos. Every triptych is my interpretation of those four personalities in three different scenes. A temperament of the presented characters was visualized by subjectively selected props and specific open-airs. The props have been selected according to my concept, they express the unique character of the models and their individual, manifold temperament. “Scenes” is a story about beauty which appeared in “non-ideality”. A models' charm has not been presented by superficial patterns but as a result of a try of manifesting their personality and nature. Here I afforded myself to protest against identifying a body with one's personality. By making this cycle of photos, I have entered the area of particular space, where I use intuition and the nonverbal language. An important element of my art is to give the models a voice by allowing them to introduce a prop, a gesture or a space they choose. During the sessions and during watching final photos, the feeling I had was a strong feeling of a smell, that is why I decided to introduce smell episodes into my diploma.
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what do you mean by "model air"? This is photography + ps cs 5 xD
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a nice work but how get the model air ? ;)