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RED and BLU by LadyMordred RED and BLU :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 12 10
First Encounters
The only sound in the dingy little room is the Administrator counting down the seconds before the match. The other men stand silent. Most of them have been prepared for the last hour.
The waiting grates on the Medic's nerves. The others, at least, have done this before. He has not. He keeps himself from looking around at the Respawn room, full of the invisible technology that will bring him back from the dead.
If he's sloppy enough to get killed.
He keeps his eyes on the broad back of the Heavy, holds the medigun steady. Five seconds. Four. Three.
Part of him wonders what death feels like.
The others charge forward, yelling and jeering. He follows the red stream of the medigun, everything ahead of him obscured by the bulk of the Heavy.
A flash and a bang, and he jumps back.  A man charges out at them from the building ahead. He ducks back behind the Heavy. The man doesn't say much, but he's good at stopping bullets.
The Heavy opens fire. The noise stupefies. He fol
:iconladymordred:LadyMordred 7 0
The man says he needs a new face. It's too dangerous, he says.
The doctor says that it's a painful procedure.
The man says that is no issue. Here's better than the Fatherland for those who are still loyal, but he needs a new face. The doctor will understand, surely.
The doctor understands. There are men outside his office. Thugs. He will not survive if he refuses.
That is not why he agrees.
The anesthetic will take a while. So the doctor talks to the man.
He tells him his name, not the one on the certificate in his office. He tells him the names of his mother, his sisters and brother, his niece. He tells him the name of his town and the date they met. He tells him what it was like to dig the trench.
He tells him what it was to lie still, pretending death, under his little sister's body.
It goes better than planned. He has never done something like this. Elsie won't let him experiment on the chickens.
He checks the supports, finds they won't fail, gathers the bones and wraps them in but
:iconladymordred:LadyMordred 12 9
Ending of MvM by LadyMordred Ending of MvM :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 22 11 You got ectoplasm on my dress by LadyMordred You got ectoplasm on my dress :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 3 10 BLU Medic by LadyMordred BLU Medic :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 9 11 Team Fortress 2 doodles by LadyMordred Team Fortress 2 doodles :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 3 7
TF2 Fanfic-- The Saucepan
The scream from Scout shattered the ceasefire peace, and brought the more civic-minded of the team at an unhurried saunter to the base's kitchen; namely, the Engineer and the Heavy. There they found the Scout cowering against the far wall from the sink, a bright red spatula upraised as he stared in horror at something in the left hand basin.
"What is it?" said the Engineer, at the same time the Heavy said, "What was noise?"
"It's the thing in the sink! I swear ta God it moved!"
"Thing in sink? What thing in sink?" The Heavy leaned over and peered in. "Is only pot, little man. Sauce pot." He sniffed. And blinked. And beat a similar retreat. "Very dirty sauce pot. Am not washing."
The Engineer went to take a look and had actually lifted the saucepan out of the sink before the stench hit him. His nose wrinkled. "Neither am I. Scout, what did you do?"
"It wasn't me! I was just lookin' for some Bonk and smelled somethin' funny!"
The Engineer was staring into the pot. He had a nasty feeling
:iconladymordred:LadyMordred 8 9
July ice by LadyMordred July ice :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 1 6 Midnight sun by LadyMordred Midnight sun :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 1 1 A trail by LadyMordred A trail :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 1 0 Cloud and palm trees by LadyMordred Cloud and palm trees :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 1 1 July Snow II by LadyMordred July Snow II :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 1 2 July Snow by LadyMordred July Snow :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 2 5 Arctic Rock by LadyMordred Arctic Rock :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 0 2 View through the ruins by LadyMordred View through the ruins :iconladymordred:LadyMordred 2 1

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Unburied Dead Chap 6 Excerpt
Unburied Dead
Chapter 6 excerpt

The conversation progressed pleasantly over dinner as both Mrs. Warren and the doctor shared modest commentaries, each about their published works, and the direction of the Society and Spiritualism in general. The meal was nearly at an end when Emeline considered making a gentle change of subject. As yet nothing had been discussed in particular about the research that had been originally requested; after all, it had been the reason for their meeting and dinner invitation. She wanted to know beforehand what was expected, not being given to open her late husband's collection purely for curiosity's sake, much less for unscrupulous gain. To approach the matter slowly, she thought it best to inquire as to when it was Mr. Fisch first came into the doctor's employ, thereafter leading to the primary topic. Before she could utter a word, Mr. Fisch, sitting opposite at table, looked up from
:iconcorvidangel:CorvidAngel 3 37
Ramdom Unburied Dead
Unburied Dead
Excerpt, Chapter 7
          Julian stood at the window of his darkened room, in nightshirt and dressing gown. He gazed through the lace curtains which made delicate patterns over his pale features, by light of the streetlamp. The world outside was asleep and it was safe now for him to look on it. Rows of houses, almost shoulder to shoulder, each identical in outward appearance, lined the road and met his eyes across the quiet, empty pavement. He studied each building, one by one, noting the small subtle differences in window dressings, or cracks in the step, a forgotten flowerpot or child's ball.
        There is Professor Lampeter's house, and here, the Josephsons. And there, he smiled to himself, the McPhersons, with all their dear little ones safely to bed. Then there is Reverend Moss and his family, and behind, the widow Mrs. Kelly, her son and daughter--- h
:iconcorvidangel:CorvidAngel 2 28
Honor Harrington by GuiMontag Honor Harrington :iconguimontag:GuiMontag 52 28 Snape's iPod Tribute by snapefanclub Snape's iPod Tribute :iconsnapefanclub:snapefanclub 426 0 Professor Snape by laerry Professor Snape :iconlaerry:laerry 373 19 bella likes twilight by makani bella likes twilight :iconmakani:makani 10,493 1,869 DavyJones: Public Service by crumblygumbly DavyJones: Public Service :iconcrumblygumbly:crumblygumbly 872 163 The Importance of Being Meta by DetectiveMel The Importance of Being Meta :icondetectivemel:DetectiveMel 96 69 Inspector Javert by roo-111 Inspector Javert :iconroo-111:roo-111 6 2 Roommates 102 - Boy Player by AsheRhyder Roommates 102 - Boy Player :iconasherhyder:AsheRhyder 527 453 Javert Reading by CorvidAngel Javert Reading :iconcorvidangel:CorvidAngel 6 21 Major Pain 4 by chokawaii25 Major Pain 4 :iconchokawaii25:chokawaii25 2 2 Faro de Ibiza 03 by Birikein Faro de Ibiza 03 :iconbirikein:Birikein 2 0 Roommates 65 - Daily Grind by AsheRhyder Roommates 65 - Daily Grind :iconasherhyder:AsheRhyder 724 632 Do Not Forget My Name by DetectiveMel Do Not Forget My Name :icondetectivemel:DetectiveMel 9 5


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...and have a tumblr.

Here's the link:

I'll post loads of TF2 stuff there. You have been warned. But hey, if you like TF2, head on over, because :iconthebuggiest: and I have just finished an epic length fic starring everyone and are gearing up to post the meantime, I at least will be posting drabbles.

See you there!


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