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Do you know, you're all my very best friends



Center-- Birdy (Birdsong Rooster) - always ready to help a friend. (He is starring in his own Wodehouse-style fanfic, check it out! [link] )

The rest (clockwise, starting at "noon"):

Lala (Lily Blossom)- Based on one of the G4 toys. Unofficial head of the Drones Club's sister organization, The Larks Society. (Motto: "They sow not, nor do they reap.")

Plinker (Lyra Heartsong)- Background pony and semi-contortionist. Famously, once snuck a skunk into the headmaster's office.

Gussie (August Mink-Bottle) - "Do you know how the male newt proposes to the female, Birdy?" To be quite frank, Birdy would rather not know. But that will not stop Gussie from expounding about newts. He loves newts ever so much.

Bingo (Undisclosed-First-Name Skittle) - His real first name is one of those that make you question whether the parents were drunk. But his middle name is Bing Cherry, so he ended up with Bingo as a nickname. He falls in love at the drop of a hat, and out of love just as quickly.

Pongo (Ping-Pong Thistledown-Thistledown) - Despite the fact that he's studying for the Bar, Pongo still throws the best and wildest parties.
(In case you are wondering, Pongo's symbol is a pair of scales, since he's studying law and all.)

All the ponies are based on Wodehouse characters, except Lyra and Lala. I added them to Birdy's posse because I felt he needed some female friends who weren't completely awful!

The picture is based off that one promo piece of Twilight and the gang.
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Actually, I think the distaff equivalent to the Drones is the Junior Lipstick, but Wodehouse's world is wall to wall with clubs.