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What with the current lack of good places to play Pokemon RP at anymore, I am very pleased to present to you the new MU* I have recently helped founder (as a player, mind you!) on the ashes of Pokemon: Champions.

Dun dunna dun...

aehallh . com port 1999 (Minus the spaces, of course.)

It all begins with a brilliant flash of light, and a spoken word. Creature and Trainer are one in mind, and they can feel the link between each other swell. The world around them is fraught with danger, from mad legendaries to the despicable Team Rocket and beyond. This isn't your grandaddy's Pokemon.

Welcome to PokeSylum, one of the last refuges in the world for those who like to RP in the theme of Nintendo and Gamefreak's popular monster-related anime and videogames. At PokeSylum, we have a simple, base working battle code, every pokemon from the games, and several factions: Trainers, who work for Oak, Team Rocket members who work for Giovanni, Pokemon Rangers, Wild Pokeplayers, Pokeforce, and, of course, Gym Leaders, and FCs from the show and games!

As added bonuses, chargen is online and designed to be fast (you might well get approved in hours), and we're ready for Diamond and Pearl - all the Pokemon are already installed and ready to go, and though not quite finished, enough basic building of the new region, Sinnou, is complete to allow it to be used for RP.

We've just recently opened, so you'll be able to get in on the groundwork! C'mon down!

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Important Journals -

Da Rules of the Game -- The rules of my Art Gallery. Read them. Understand them. Utilize them.
Me, +fav/+watch-ing, and You -- Why I +fav, +watch, Yadda.
More Information -- Where to find me, and pics done for me.
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