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OMFG, I still can't believe I found Barricade today!!!!!! I was just at the Downriver (MI) Cruise and spotted Barricade driving down the other side of the road, pursued him, and was able to take over 300 photos of him in a nearby parking lot thanks to his awesome owner!! The best part was I was driving my Autobot Jeep, Highbeam :b Autobot vs. Decepticon, FTW!!! This absolutely made my year. Thanks soooo much to his owner for being so awesome and even taking some pics for me with his Decepti-car :excited: :faint:

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Hey! That is so amazing!!!!!! Barricade is my favourite deception maybe my favourite cybertronian of all time!!!! You're so lucky!!! But i noticed something. Not to ruin anything but shouldnt the number be 643? Correct me if im wrong but its something i noticed. Im so sad im probably never going to see any of transformers since i live in England but im glad you did^^
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That car kicks major aft! I wish I had a Decepti-car like that.... BOW TO THE AWESOMENESS OF BARRICADE!!
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Awesome! You're so lucky!!
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That's the coolest. Numbers are off though. Bit of a Transformers fan, huh?

Megan was good in the movie but I'd take Barricade over her anyday....wellllllll, ok, maybe not, but Barricade is why I watch the movie to this day, can't take my eyes of that bastard. [link]
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Just a wee bit :evillaugh: I have a huge Transformers collection and every Barricade related thing I can get my hands on, hehehe...
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That looks like photoshop

Could you steal the lightbar PLS, I need that NOW!
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My 300+ photos, all in original format would beg to differ :)

He was just that stunning :D He wouldn't let me touch him at all, but I wouldn't want to even put fingerprints on that gorgeous piece of metal :drool:
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Hey alright you finally found Barricade ^^ He was at Woodward last year I'm surprise you didn't catch him.

Where is down river cruise anyway? never heard of it.
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I heard he was at Woodward last year but I never found him *sadface*. At least I caught him this time :D Couldn't elude me forever, lol!

Cruisin' Downriver, click the link for their info page: [link]
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Neat. Gratiot Cruise was on the 19th, still love that one.

And I'm going back to Woodward this year! Woot!
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Michigan Ave. cruise is July 10th too. Might have to miss that one though because of the Renaissance Faire in Battle Creek.

Yay, Woodward! If you see a Jeep named "Highbeam" cruising around, that's me :giggle:
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Battle Creek? They have a major cruise as well. Block off all the roads around the city so old cars can go in.
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That would not surprise me. I see a lot of nice cars when I go out that way :)
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I'm to see if I can get to Lansing to get pictures of Oldsmobile's 455 experimental Hemi. The only Hemi I don't have pictures of yet.

But yeah, last time we did the Battle Creek show we had the car down there back in 2007 I think. It was pretty good, different to say the least. But yet Michigan is the only state that still has cruise's. Everywhere else I've been to just has Car Show's and Cruise-in's.
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Awesome! XD The only exiting car I've ever found was a NewYork police car in London, do you know what car it is, model I mean.
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He's one of three Saleen model S281-E supercharged Mustangs used in the first Transformers movie [link]
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