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HUGE Anatomy Resource Pack



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Hello everyone! This is a pack of anatomy pictures that I've collected over the past few months, and thought I should share it here. :la: 

(Please note that I did not create the images included in this pack. I take no credit. This is just a compilation of my findings over the time I've spent researching and studying art.) 

This pack includes:
-Surface, muscular, and skeletal references for almost every part of the human body
-Well organized images collected from Google Images and other resource websites of each part of the body
-Human variation references (body types, face types, etc.)
-Compilation pages (in pdf and Pages file type) of the images made specifically for printing and tracing/studying
(Note: the folders still contain the original images used in the compilations if you want those instead)

The images in this pack are meant to be used to study anatomy to help you create more realistic and correctly proportional art. I personally use them this way:
1. Print the images (either the compilations or each separate image, if you would like)
2. Trace over the images using whatever material you like (I use a red pencil to go over the simple shapes, then use a regular pencil, either mechanical or not, and draw over any details that I would like to include in my own style/that are present on the image)
3. Make notes of what you notice 
Instead of printing them, you can use the same studying and tracing process digitally. Open the images/compilations you would like to study in Photoshop/Paint Tool SAI/your program of choice and go over the images and make notes inside of the program. This works as well, but I personally prefer to print them. But, you should really learn whichever way works best for you! :) 

-If your image is included in this pack and you would like it removed, I apologize. Please contact me and I will remove it.-
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many thanx ! this what we all need, and besides it saves lot of time.:nod::clap::+fav: