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Man, no easy task for the fox this time,  heavens there are so many I want to give prizes! Was tough fitting that much stuff into one picture and not making it look cluttered or like a sticker book in the hands of a 3 year old :p  But you guys did it!  AWESOME Work!  Least with them all so good, it made it easier to narrow things down a bit by going with the most number of pieces to get the decision manageable.  

Leading the pack on number of pieces:
Peacock Fairy Queen - Peacock Fairy by LeAndraDawn with 42
Enjoying the Spring Enjoying Spring by TinyAngel21 with 48
Steampunk Cowboys Steampunk Cowboys by Gwasanee with 59
Pathfinder The Pathfinder by DesignsByEve with 44
Elven Raider Elven Raider by LeAndraDawn with 41
Stand and Fight Stand and Fight by NeilV with 40

Sorted through them and unfortunately had to disqualify Enjoying the Spring from the running, the render was so dark that I'm afraid you could put three dragons and a T-Rex in there and I couldn't have seen them. Think this one while great composition, the lighting worked against ya.  Sorry hon.

Some seriously strong contenders here though.  Took a lot of thought and while the sheer number of things in Steampunk Cowboys is astounding, it did look a little bit like they were locked in our downstairs storage room (poor dears!  I am such a pack rat!).  However it was such a strong effort, so well done composition wise that I couldn't bare see them not get a prize, so 3rd Place goes to Steampunk Cowboy!

Heavens that leaves first and second place and this was no easy choice here.  These folks were all within 4 items of each other, and all so good, so having to go purely on what the Littlefox clan voted (yes wrangled in my husband and my eldest to vote, so fair warning :p )

Second place is Stand and Fight.  There was much praise spoken of the power of such a strong pair  of figures supported by the environment.  Not cluttered in the least and every element was well chosen.  (Think my eldest is getting into his D&D phase so you had a strong supporter pulling for you hon :)

First place was a real fight though,  there were several here that just wowed me and the family.  Just how many things were worked into one cohesive image. In the end though, the one that got the choice of the household for 1st place was Elven Raider! That one while the background was simple, the flow of all the pieces to support that single character, every one of them seeming to add a bit more to her personality and individuality. An awesome personification of the concept of this contest. Excellent work.

Thank you again to everyone that took the time to enter this little contest. Hope everyone enjoyed it and you came away with a smile on  your face after completing your render.

Winners, I will be sending out a note to you with instructions on your prizes.

:iconfurrydanceplz: by Sleath
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1st place Elven Raider by LeAndraDawn
2nd Place Stand and Fight by NeilV
3rd Place Steampunk Cowboys by Gwasanee

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congrats to all winners. great work
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Congrats to all the winnars! Can't wait for your next contest, LadyLittlefox ;)
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Congrats to the winners! They're all so wonderful!!!
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thank you for a nice contest and all the entry's are great :-)
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Thanks a lot for the contest! It was a lot of fun!!!

Congratulations to the other winners! :hug:
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Congratulations all!
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grats to all the winners!
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Congrats to the Winners ;)
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Gratz to the winners :)
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Congratulations!! Well deserved everyone, I bow down to you mix and match artists :)

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Grats winners!!!
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