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Lewind Wolfsblood by LadyLewind Lewind Wolfsblood :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 2 0 Lewind Portrait by LadyLewind Lewind Portrait :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 2 0
You're like a puzzle
Broken into a million pieces
No one is there to put you back together
You pine
You whine
You write love songs
Love poems
But they are echoing
Crying out into a cave
No one but you hears
You try and try
You push and push
You crack and crack
Emotion builds in you like bubbles
Bubbles without enough room
Bursting to get out
One day that lid will crack
Everything will tumble out
Wine from an uncorked bottle
And then it will build again
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 3 0
Growing Old Together
You meet someone
You fall in love
You marry, have children
You love and you love
And you love
The love between you grows
More every day as you age
As you age together
Then they are gone
There is no warning
None that is enough
Your other half is gone
They have vanished
They won't come back
There is no rhyme
There is no reason
You grow empty
You feel the loss
Every day
Every hour
Every minute
Every second
It doesn't leave you
There is a hole in you
A hole in your heart
You cannot fill it
Until you join them
Finding them once again
Immortal in death
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 1 0
Not Alone
I am not alone.
I am not alone.
I am not alone.
I am not alone.
I am not alone.
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 1 2
Love is a very dangerous word
It's a word that might slip out
It beats at the back of your teeth
It tugs at your tongue
It screams at you to be said
But should it be said?
It is difficult to tell when
When is the right time?
When should you say you love?
What should happen if it's wrong?
What if it is the wrong time?
Too many questions
The questions batter your mind
They drown the word in your mouth
What if you're wrong?
The word doesn't go away
It retreats, crushed
Forced into submission
Subservient to fear
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 2 0
It's very hard to fix something
When it believes itself broken
When it believes itself worthless
When it can't believe anything
Thoughts scratch and gnaw at my mind
They rip at me, at every fiber
They tear and torture and harm
What if it was my fault?
What if it will be my fault?
What if it's me?
Worry has become second nature
I fear I may lose people
I've lost in the past and will again
I am sure that I will lose again
There is this certainty that any fault
Will drive a person from me
I cannot move forward, cannot push
I cannot risk no matter how much I want
If I love, there is this fear there
I wish to show affection, to say something
My mind berates this, berates me
Why should that ever turn out well?
Why would I be good enough?
To all my friends who have tried to help:
I am truly sorry I have not listened
Well, that isn't true, I've listened
I have listened when you correct this
When you tell me I am worth something
When you tell me I will not lose you
But it can be very hard
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 0 0
Regression to the Mean
Regression to the mean
A cause for a phrase all know
"If it can go wrong, it will"
And it will, always will
There is only so long one can be happy
There is only so long until it all comes down
It crashes, falls, breaks, cracks
It dies, we die
The happiness passes, replaced
But this is not the end
This is merely a dip
A regression
The happiness dropping
Before plateauing to a norm
Leveling, stilling, neither good nor bad
Eventually, it will rise again
Eventually, it will fall again
It will regress to the mean
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 0 0
Limbo, the simply complicated state of not being anywhere
Too far ahead to go back, too far behind to go forward
Life, death, love, hate, friendship
All things, limbo
They grey area that creates one's life, slow and muddy
The act of waiting for something and yet not knowing
There is no true grasp of what that something is
Some form of outcome that may or may not be reached
Lost, found, flailing, still, everything and nothing
Secure and insecure
In limbo
:iconladylewind:LadyLewind 0 0
Khadgar - Magic by LadyLewind Khadgar - Magic :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 6 0 Side Flower by LadyLewind Side Flower :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 5 0 Upper Flower by LadyLewind Upper Flower :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 5 0 Orchids by LadyLewind Orchids :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 4 0 Bulbs by LadyLewind Bulbs :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 4 0 Sunset Flowers by LadyLewind Sunset Flowers :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 5 0 Beauty by LadyLewind Beauty :iconladylewind:LadyLewind 4 0

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"I have questioned myself after all these years later the view to appear..."

Anyway, it's me again. I am quite the stranger to you all now, I am sure. I am alive, though. I do live. I just... haven't been writing or drawing. I've stopped drawing entirely, actually. I severely sprained my hand a year and a half ago and haven't been able to hold a pen or pencil for long since.

What -have- I been doing? Theatre. Film. I'm a film major, now. I would post that here, but there isn't a way to do so. Sad, isn't it? Anyway, between the horrible homework and time spent in training, I'm finding very little time to do anything else.

However, it has recently struck me to try my hand at writing again. Maybe I'll even pick up a new story to write, eh? That would be nice. I have some characters jangling around in my head. Several of them are characters that have already made appearances in my work, such as Joshua, Jaina, and Arioch.

I'll try working on some stuff. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Sarah, College student. Film Major.


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okay thanks, and you?
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<3 I've been doing well. Most of my writing has been in the form of rps, though. Glad to see you still on here!
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I like what you have done so far, it seems that you have put a lot of work on it, your poems are so amazing! can't wait to read more, good job!
LadyLewind Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, so much! I'm not on as often as I used to be, but I try to put out something here and there. Nice to know someone's interested!
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happy birthday :hug:
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