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Hello there! And welcome to my DA page!

I've been painting since I was little but it wasn't until 2017 that I took it more seriously and started learning by myself how to do digital painting. That was the year when I started having lot of medical problems with my joints and muscles, because of my joint hypermobility, and painting is helping me during the way.

Before that to happen I went to a traditional art academy for 5 years, where I learnt to paint in oil, charcoal and pastel. I also majored in computer science.

***I don't sell NFTs. If you see any of my art on an NFT marketplace, don't buy it. Please share the URL with me so I can report it.***

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Love, LadyKraken ❤

2009 vs 2019 - LadyKraken Decade Of Art

Patreon & Rewards

VOTE HERE July 2024 Poll - Female Fairy Character! -------------------------------- Vapor Trail from MLP as a Female Fantasy Character this month! --- #patreon #poll #anime #manga #waifu #kraken #ladykraken #princess #fairy #Wasp #Avengers #Lucoa #Kobayashisanchi #Karlach #BaldursGate3 #2B #NierAutomata #patreon #poll #anime #manga #waifu #kraken #ladykraken #princess #fanart #fairy #StevenMagnet #FlimFlam #VaporTrail
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[Steps] Stray Cat Strut Gomorrah Fights - Commissions OPEN Sketch: --- #tutorial #lineart #drawing #painting #ladykraken #kraken #art #pinup #anime #manga #furry #anthro #straycatstrut #gomorrah #action #Warhammer #Warhammer40k
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[Steps 3 pics] Lasso Bound: The Golden Centaur - Commissions OPEN Sketch: --- #tutorial #lineart #drawing #painting #ladykraken #kraken #art #drawing #pinup #anime #manga #transformation #tf #furry #anthro #centaur #wonderwoman #bound #gag #gagged #otm #otn
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Thanks a lot, all your help is really appreciated!

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Commissions OPEN


💚 Commissions OPEN - Requests | Colabs | Trades CLOSED

0% - Brainstorm

10% - Sketch

30% - Line Art

40% - Flat Colors

50% - Main Shapes

70% - Main Definition

80% to 100% - Details - Final Stage

Current Commissions

  1. 🎈 Digital / 1Full Body + BG || Princess Lab & Servant 4 (pixelmorpher1) || 40% Flat Colors

  2. 📔 Digital / 1 Full Body || Anthro Bunny OC (Caprittles)|| 0% Brainstorm

  3. 📻 Digital / 1 Full Body + BG || Lars Motorcycle (Code-Shark) || 100% Details - Final Stage

  4. 🌳 Digital / 1 Concept Card || Divine Altar (Wartide) || 10% Sketch

  5. 🎀 Digital / 1 Comic Page || Worm Transformation (FMTFluver) || 60% Main Shapes

  6. 🐙 Digital / 2 Full Body + BG || PRIVATE Couple Foot (S) || 40% Flat Colors

  7. Digital / 3 Full Body + BG + Extra || Cinderella 3 TF (EduartBoudewijn) || 10% Sketch

  8. Digital / 2 Hips Up + Extra || Pinkie Pie and Maud Pie Tickling (T) || 20% Sketch

  9. Flats / Various || FreeX and Co. (R) || 40% Flat Colors

  10. Digital / 1 Full Body + BG || Viper OC (T) || 10% Sketch

Personal Projects

  1. Digital / 1 Full Body || Judy Hopps Fairy || 100% Details - Final Stage

Waiting List I can offer a better and faster service when working on no more than 5 commissions at a time, that's the reason for a Waiting List. This way all my clients will have their commission finished in less time and with better quality. Thanks a lot for your patience, and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  1. Digital / - || - (zombiepwner218) || 0% Brainstorm


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Thank you!

Lady Kraken Thanks For The Watch - Gemini

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Happy Birthday. :)

Thanks so much!

You're most welcome. :)

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