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Gemini OC - 12 Zodiac Ladies


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Gemini ♊️ - Twins (Foxes) // Air // Mercury • May 21 - June 20

Inspired by Western astrology I designed a humanized version of Gemini.

Why did a choose foxes to represent the twins? Foxes are some of the animals that represent Gemini. They're intelligent, fast and kind of difficult to define. Foxes represent the agility, intelligence, secrets and humor of Gemini.

• Character: They're Gemini, human-like twin sisters with fox features (their ears, nose, mouth and tail), related to the Teumessian Fox (also called the Cadmean Vixen, was a giant fox destined never to be caught). They have a volatile temperament, and their strength is their versatility, allowing them to learn a little about everything and develop skills in many areas. They're ruled by Mercury and their element is the Air, allowing them to hold artistic and creative abilities. To the other signs they're very intelligent and have a wide appreciation for the arts, philosophy, history and science, although they do not like boring people, routine procedures and usually struggle to deal with authoritative figures. They tend to be drastic and hasty but they're very responsible and disciplined. They have a dual personality and are sensitive as well but use their intelligence to counter anything that upsets them.

• Background: I used Gemini's colors for the background, white is the color of Mercury (its planet) and since its element is the Air, I placed the twins over a sea of clouds. Since Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, they have a very bright background. Because of their duality, one of the twins is happy and the other one is sad, but both are engaged in a pensive mood.

• Colors: white, black, yellow and saffron.
• Gemstones: crystal, beryl and topaz.
• Metals: mercury.
• Trees: walnut and beech.
• Flowers: lily of the valley, lavender and carnations.

Disclaimer: This character and design was created by me (LadyKraken)

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Wow -- as lovely as the pink version is, I think I prefer this one.  The twins are wonderful in their similarities and differences!
LadyKraken's avatar

Thanks so much! I think this version is my fave too :)

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* ¡Fantástico trabajo! Lo hemos destacado dentro de la carpeta "Featured nº3 ó Destacados nº3" en Special-Groups. (Es la carpeta donde se exhiben los mejores trabajos del grupo).
¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!


* Fantastic work! Featured in Special-Groups in folder Featured nº 3. (Best works of the group). 
Please, We want to see more works in the group of you!
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Muchísimas gracias!
Intentaré seguir haciendo cosas que gusten para el grupo :)
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as a gemini with foxes as my favourite animal i totally approve this pics message,,, ... neat :D
LadyKraken's avatar
When I started painting these, I didn't have a doubt Gemini should be twin foxes, I just couldn't get that out of my mind, so I'm really happy to read your comment!! :happy: 
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I think that I have told you this already, but I am a big fun of this!!!! they're so gorgeous and your use of colors is just perfect! My sun sign (cancer) is next and can't wait!!!!! :D
LadyKraken's avatar
Thanks so much!
Your comments make me really happy!
I'm painting now Cancer, it is also my sun sign! I hope I can make her all beautiful and pretty!!
Extra effort for her!! Crab- Ocean Pack Crab 
foxlebloom's avatar
Ooh so we're two little crabbies <33 really unique haha. She's going to be wonderful like the rest!! I am so sure of that! ;)
LadyKraken's avatar
I've been painting her all day. It's almost finished, but I think I'll have to do the finals touches by tomorrow. I hope tomorrow I can upload her too!! :heart:
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Thanks so much! :heart:
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Most lovely - and the description is very interesting to read! ^_^
LadyKraken's avatar
Thank you!! I enjoy adding them descriptions like these, I find they're more complete with them :) :heart:
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