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Commissions OPEN



I use a Current Commissions list and a Waiting List - They're on my main page.

PLEASE, contact me and we can start working on your commission ASAP!

Watch and follow my account,  I'll keep you updated in Journals and Status Updates. 

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Prices ($ USD / € EUROS / DeviantART points)


  • Basic Background (gradient): free 
  • Extra character: 20% discount for the characters in the same artwork.
  • GIF animation: ask.
  • Line art + flat colors: add flat colors to lineart for small fee.
  • Paying various commissions at once: can have discounts for quantity depending on subjects (ie. similar backgrounds, sharing characters, etc.) Ask me :)

Additional fees

  • Simple Background (minimalist).
  • Medium/complex Background.
  • Very Complex Characters.
  • Mecha / armor.
  • Concept art / full design.
  • Private work (I can't upload anything to DA/patreon): + 30% of the final price (remaining anonymous doesn't increment price)

What you get 

  • 2 sketches
  • lineart + flats
  • WIPs 
  • 5000px HI-RES PNG
  • If SFW: video tutorial 
  • If NSFW: alternative version

Will draw 

  • Fanart / OC / Anthro / Mecha / Armor 
  • Erotic / Fetish / BDSM (Full List of Fetishes)
  • Horror / Gore 
  • Shape swap  (shifting / transformation)

Won't draw 

  • Age progression / regression
  • Loli / Shota 
  • Diaper / Inflation 
  • NonCon / Hate art


  • I share all my commissions with DA and Patreon (and other social media), so if you want to keep it private, tell me right away :)
  • Please: keep depictions clear and concise & read full info at (this page)
  • For any question, send me a note (or an email to: )

Important about fetishes

>> Full List of Fetishes <<

  • I have no problem in drawing fetishes as long as they don't glorify Non-Consensual actions (or are plain NonCon) and they don't involve scat, death, incest and minors.
  • I'm probably forgetting something, (I sure don't know everything about fetishes), so if you have any question, you can send me a note!

Commissioned image and final work Info

  • All commissions options are done with a simple free background if not stated the contrary. 
  • Max of 3 characters per image, unless is an age progression / regression / shape swap transformation (up to 5 stages).
  • Changes will only be accepted on the sketch stage (for line/design changes) and on the flat colors stage (for colors changes).
  • You'll get a full resolution image, with a small signature and without watermarks. About A3 / 5000px large / 300ppi / PNG. 
  • The small signature I put on them, must not be removed. 

Rights and sharing Info

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission. 
  • I reserve the right to share a smaller copy with a watermark on it at my Patreon page, and make a tutorial of the painting process for Youtube. But I won't use it for prints, or promotional material at sites as Redbubble.
  • You can upload the finished work to your DeviantART gallery or share it outside DeviantART, as long as you give me credit, and it's not shared at full HD.
  • WIP shots will be sent periodically, and sometimes shared on my social media accounts. If you want to keep your commission private, tell me. 

Payment Info

  • Payment is done before I start working.
  • Payment USD via PayPal & dA points. No refunds or exchanges allowed.
  • Payment after I accept the commission and before I start drawing. 
  • Prices are subject to change. (Previously paid commissions will retain previous price. Commissions in process still not paid will benefit from the lower price (old or new). New commissions will be subject to new price.)
  • Prices don't include the rights to the artwork. As the artist, I still hold rights to the image. This means, the image is yours for personal use, but you can't mass print, sell, resell, or make money off it in any way. If you plan to publish / make money with the image, additional fees may apply. 

Other Stuff

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Metaknighta's avatar

An artist that actually draws mechas? Omg- That is so rare ;_;

LadyKraken's avatar

Thanks for your comment!

I've already got the luck to paint a couple mecha paintings, I've also worked on a tank, and I'm working on another tank now.

I like a lot to have the opportunity to work on different things like these, I think that helps me on getting better at drawing different things :)

Hello, I have an idea for a commission. I was working with another artist a couple of years ago. But unfortunately it never got completed. Whats the best way to send you my ideas?


LadyKraken's avatar


Thanks so much for contacting me! I'll be very glad to work on a commission for you!

You can send me your ideas to my email:

Hope to hear from you :)

Kateybugwuv's avatar
Omg i am sO getting a commission when i get the points!! How much would a fullbody ship art with shading be? Id probably get that with maybe an age progression thing of my main! They are mlp ocs, hope thats fine!
LadyKraken's avatar

Would love to work on a commission for you!

One character in full body in lineart with B&W is 1800 points, in flat colors is 2100 points and in full digital is 4200 points.

Not sure what you mean by fullbody ship, sorry! ^^; In like two characters?

MLP Ocs are awesome!!:love:

Kateybugwuv's avatar
Yep too characters! Like, maybe cuddling or maybe a date of some sort, something like that, that the characters would be doing owo
(And what is b&w?? Im confused tbh >~<)

Ill be back soon with the points (and by soon, i mean, like, at least within 1-2 months XD)
LadyKraken's avatar

I'm sending you a note :)

DraDragonTear's avatar
Am excited for when you are open again ^_^
LadyKraken's avatar
Hope I can open it soon. If you want, I can add you to a waiting list, and save a spot for you :)
DraDragonTear's avatar
Ooh that would be a honor ^w^
Am having a lovely mermaid picture in mind~
LadyKraken's avatar
Great! I've added you to the list. I'll try to get to your spot as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your patience :)
Torkuda's avatar
Honestly not a bad advertising lay out. Ever try "Artists and Clients"?
LadyKraken's avatar
Thank you! 
No, never tried it, I didn't know about that site? Is it good?
Torkuda's avatar
Done well as a client, if you want the opinion of another artist, talk to -
Mandalorian77's avatar
I'm interested in commissioning you. You're prices/ quality don't look that bad compared to what others are asking. There are a few ideas I have, so I'll have to narrow it down a bit. 
LadyKraken's avatar
Thank you!
I'm sending you a note :)
ViolettiStar's avatar
Whats the pricing for couples/more than one person in a pic? Maybe i'll silly and just dont see the 'additional person' cost
LadyKraken's avatar
Hello! Sorry for the waiting. I've sent you a note :)
killalot2k's avatar
Might have to commission you.
LadyKraken's avatar
Do you want me to save you a spot in my list in case?? :)
LadyKraken's avatar
Great!! I've added you to the list. I'll contact you as soon as I finish a couple of my current commissions.
You can send me any question you have :)
Jettafae's avatar
I am curious on the prices of a ref sheet and if ferals are something you would draw.
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