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Within here you will wonder about through deviations conceived from the minds of an aspiring artist.

Feel free to explore!

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August/September Feature: Baby and Birthday Cards
Hello Card Enthusiasts,
August and September are the months with the highest birth rates, and in the world of greeting cards, this means an explosion of congratulations and birthday wishes. So let's check some of them out!
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birthday card - super star by inconsistentsea
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My watercolour whale greetings card. by Gladman81
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Happy Birthday Bow greeting card by inconsistentsea
By: inconsistentsea
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Poetry: Indian Summer
Autumn wields a windy brush,
and dips it well in frost
rattles at the window pane
and scatters leaves for lost .
While sun in fading glory,
hints at summer past
granting days of warm and gold
and nights of cold contrast.  
A season of its own accord
not summer nor yet Fall.
A vivid shawl of changing hues
a breath of beauty for us all
:iconsunstroke-art:sunstroke-art 2 2
BunBun: Year of the Rabbit by sunstroke-art BunBun: Year of the Rabbit :iconsunstroke-art:sunstroke-art 12 12 Bumble Bee in lupins by sunstroke-art Bumble Bee in lupins :iconsunstroke-art:sunstroke-art 4 0 :GIFT: Zoey, I'm here for you by Melissa-B-chan :GIFT: Zoey, I'm here for you :iconmelissa-b-chan:Melissa-B-chan 29 15 It Hurts II by Blunell It Hurts II :iconblunell:Blunell 155 0 Kiss Me - Animation by mayonakakisu Kiss Me - Animation :iconmayonakakisu:mayonakakisu 16 17 Celtic Fairy by rebeccawangart Celtic Fairy :iconrebeccawangart:rebeccawangart 35 9 FF9 17th anniversary ' Crystal' by Byakuya-Takatsuki FF9 17th anniversary ' Crystal' :iconbyakuya-takatsuki:Byakuya-Takatsuki 53 3 Bouquet flowers by Bcfoster20
Mature content
Bouquet flowers :iconbcfoster20:Bcfoster20 4 0
Princess Daisy by Bcfoster20
Mature content
Princess Daisy :iconbcfoster20:Bcfoster20 4 2
Galaxina the seedrain by Bcfoster20
Mature content
Galaxina the seedrain :iconbcfoster20:Bcfoster20 5 66
Skinbyrd by BloodyWing Skinbyrd :iconbloodywing:BloodyWing 35 3 Kwanon by BloodyWing Kwanon :iconbloodywing:BloodyWing 24 1

My favorite pieces. . . most of them are from my watchers and other great artists on Deviantart! :D





LadyJuxtaposition's Profile Picture
Amanda Hampe
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

:star: Main Tools of the Trade:
:bulletblack: Traditional: Colored Pencils, Pastels, Charcoal, Ink Pens, Acrylic Paints and Markers
:bulletblack: Digital: Paint.NET, Krita (minor) and Wacom Intuos Tablet
:bulletblack: Textiles/Fabric Crafts: Sewing Machine and my hands

:star: Main Styles of Art:
:bulletblack: Semi-Realism, Manga/Anime, Mixed Media, Chibi (Super Plushies) and Digital (minor)

:star: Go-To Genre of Music:
:bulletblack: Videogame OST, Metal, Rock n Roll, Alternative, Covers and Renditions of famous popular songs

:star: Anything Else?
:bulletblack: I love to dress in layers not just for the fashion. Unless the weather gets hot, I barely show off my skin (no pun intended).
:bulletblack: Enjoyed watching Let's Plays on Youtube and streams on Twitch, more entertainment than basic Cable. I sometimes play along which is more fun.
:bulletblack: My dream is to have a bedroom/art studio, so whenever I wake up I begin creating immediately.
:bulletblack: I'm not much of a talker, but rather a listener which I am more loved that way.
:bulletblack: I doodled every single day; a major habit of mine.
:bulletblack: A big sucker for coffee, whether a regular cup of Joe or a fancy Starbuck brand. Either way, it's coffee.
:bulletblack: Questioning whether I am really an introvert or an amibvert. I do know for sure I'm not really an extrovert.
:bulletblack: I can easily get lost in an art supplies and books stores. It's like a candy store for certain people.
:bulletblack: I started on sewing simply because I want to tend to my old clothes and make my own stuff.


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*hence noting that this is the final what could be the most shortest update ever this year* :XD: 

I come to learn that everyone in the entire world celebrates certain holidays that are not limited to Christmas. I of course celebrate Christmas not because of Catholic religions but also to be surrounded by family and close friends, exchanging gifts and watching classic Christmas movies. There're holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and others more. They may be different from Christmas, however they all shared a similar meaning of getting together and celebrate with gifts, food, festivities or whatever tradition your family and friends do. If there is one certain holiday that I am sure we can agree on, that we all celebrate together regardless of religion and race and so on, is the New Year's. :nod:

This holiday, New Year's, is not heavily limited to breaking out of the champagne if you are of legal age, staying up until midnight, and coming up with resolutions for the new year coming, etc. But this also marks for everyone who had survived through the hardships and mishaps that occurred in 2017, and believe me, I had encountered those too often. Few of them to name: Losing two grandmothers in two months, dealing with my mom's roommate for the final time, political issues that are constantly at times unbearable and unhealthy for me, and a car accident that rendered me fearful until I got the courage to start up driving again for Spring. Those things listed indicated me of the bad times that had happened that are now in the past, and I perhaps I've grown stronger and wiser to them? Whatever the case, those bad things are now behind me. While there's a bad in anything, there's also a good that makes up for it. I am blessed to still have my mom and family members to talk and greet to (and now more so with my nephew Jacob in the picture), found a new love with Stefan thanks to Marklund and the Target outing where I asked him out, kept on sewing and coming up with projects like Pixel Patchworks and I'm slowly getting into drawing again, got a new job as a dietary aide and getting to know of the residents of Pine View, and the miracles of chiropractic care ensured me that what seems feels like a fainting spell is actually telling me to take a Number 2. :dummy: 

I read over the past entries this morning, from January to November of 2017, and I realized that "Damn, I've been through the lot." OMG Thankfully it was not anything devastating or catastrophic I couldn't handled, but those events that had transpired shook me enough to rethink about life and death and how to continue to move on with the memories you still hold within you. Another realization I've obtained that after a certain sorrow event happened, there'll always be salvation after going through it with hope. Nod For instance, Grandma Joanne passed away in sleep, but then still the Hampe family gets together on holidays and meeting new ones altogether. My mom's roommate finally got the boot, but then presented an opportunity to forgive him for the 10 years he had caused me grief and annoyance. Grandma Caroline passed away which had left me not only jobless but also grandma-less in terms of blood relation, but then having another job which was similar to hers in the past as a dietary aide was given to me. So, basically, as long you can find a sliver lining in everything that has happened to you and while in the aftermath, then that's all the reassurance I need to keep myself sane, calm, and determined to make this next year better. CURSE YOU! 

Now for the New Year's Resolutions! :happybounce: … I'll keep it simple this time. I was able to complete 75% of my Resolutions in 2017. The only things I wasn't able to do and complete was the 300 Drawing Prompts book and Going to a Con and Cosplay. But that's okay, because perhaps 2018 will be the year to do so if the fates allow. Maybe. Sweating a little... 

New Year's Resolutions for 2018 (not at all finalized):

07921152-e10c-4e67-90bb-abda30d60a5c by LadyJuxtaposition

Nothing much left to say at this point, but I shall leave with a series of photos and pictures that was taken and drawn during this festive month:

F989526e-87b8-4f82-bf97-8f5626a658ec by LadyJuxtaposition  6dbc501d-fb52-4bd5-bc1a-9825ceedb77a by LadyJuxtaposition  Cf6bcc6a-ed6d-43e0-8f07-cbbf69995fb7 by LadyJuxtaposition 
Lobby's Christmas Tree at my work. It has a tree skirt and a present under it currently, but the decor is beautiful. 
07461a62-53e4-4059-b248-1948b150ac87 by LadyJuxtaposition  69afb211-a35a-4622-a340-c28e7625961f by LadyJuxtaposition  83a34e13-74e9-49e6-bfa7-388fd7d03060 by LadyJuxtaposition  2d694f1a-0aca-4207-ab36-d6e9e1424e03 by LadyJuxtaposition 
There was a temporary
 flu outbreak in the Heritage resident of Pine View, and one of my co-workers is not taking any chances to let it get to him. *future Halloween costume in 2018*
2d8769a5-7264-435d-869c-07250a5da5d6 by LadyJuxtaposition  5e7b0edd-1b5f-4d2b-a15b-21ef77139cc0 by LadyJuxtaposition  Bb358636-9bfc-4b7f-bd56-e13081394331 by LadyJuxtaposition  37c26f0b-22eb-4b7e-96c0-e764982a9014 by LadyJuxtaposition  020d3cbe-19da-4db7-9143-838391e65471 by LadyJuxtaposition 
Santa Mini-Caps and Mini Santa Origami Ornaments for the Cooks and Dietary Aides of Pine View! Also, our tree needs a little more coverage. :XD: 
E7091301-3fa7-4946-96e3-0f8495e3485f by LadyJuxtaposition  5646234f-782d-4ab1-8db4-4f88b7246e3e by LadyJuxtaposition  5be3a3e0-7612-4a67-89f6-b3511ba1ba0b by LadyJuxtaposition 
Drinking red punch and meeting with Santa Claus at the Pine View's Christmas Party (which I'm glad to come in early that Friday). :w00t:
21f7953a-a1c1-4148-939c-616a80701539 by LadyJuxtaposition  5ce63d3a-066c-4911-9519-304d95b00116 by LadyJuxtaposition  345fcb0b-8e59-4257-9b57-93705efa926c by LadyJuxtaposition  8bcfbee9-7b7f-49be-a9ea-a2076323ace8 by LadyJuxtaposition 
SUGAR COOKIES WITH FROSTING AND SPRINKLERS! I'm not sugar high at this moment, what're you talking about?! :excited: 
216892e8-8494-496e-b7cc-603734e0b7a5 by LadyJuxtaposition  Ab44cbfa-95e2-4570-9757-25ea3f09fa59 by LadyJuxtaposition 
There was also drawstring bags, key fobs, zipper pouches, and bandannas made as well, but these are notable as Christmas gifts. A painted Renaissance
shield for my day and a handmade sock puppet snake for one of my cousins, Kellan Melon. 
F6356e2b-c057-422f-a3ae-9d38955bbdc1 by LadyJuxtaposition  033445ab-8164-4879-85b3-2213b3337803 by LadyJuxtaposition  5aacbfc4-5b67-465a-9e9c-a7702a62aba9 by LadyJuxtaposition  32249d71-967f-4d0e-97de-65da1447dd6e by LadyJuxtaposition 
SUPER PLUSHIES in inspired Christmas attires! Need to make them into stickers and charms. 
Ecf47a07-8faf-4154-b6f8-6e26ec897dc2 by LadyJuxtaposition  8b672f2a-8000-4186-9b0a-e5165218fe2e by LadyJuxtaposition 
TSO OC Elizabeth Snow drawn during the Winter Solstice. Age 16 on left and Age 26 on right. 
90d4be58-454e-4e00-86d6-a21e5580c723 by LadyJuxtaposition  2cb0a9fa-38f5-4990-b3be-c52654bdf1fd by LadyJuxtaposition 
ProtonJon fanart while watching his streams: Kirby's Proton Copy Ability and Layers of Protons and ProtonJons in one dense drawing! 
E2fbbc91-da52-4a0b-a7b6-78949cda257f by LadyJuxtaposition 
Stefan got me Boss Monster for Christmas this year, and the wrapping paper was so cute that I fashioned it as a handmade ornament/hanging
 frame for next Christmas. 


  • Listening to: The Final Sounds of 2017
  • Eating: SOON! Two Hard Broiled Eggs
  • Drinking: ALSO SOON! Coffee with Whipped Cream


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