7 Reasons why bases ROCK! (A Reprise+Features)
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Published: June 8, 2010
1. They're an excellent starting point to the creation of wonderful pieces of art.
Auction Win for Odyrah by lithriel Lairanen, Glitter and Gold by Galadnilien :thumb89257601: Beyond the Mountains by Gothic-Diva golden girl by CousCoussina
Shot Down in a blaze of glory by Odyrah Reading by FallenSunrise Nightshade by edgedolls

2.  A good number of them are original works of art in their own right.
p34c3 mini by msdeerborn Sugarlips. by ichigo-tan Freesia Base by Jillianne

Mature Content

-Leo base- by RiEile

.:Gina - Set2:. by FionaCreates

Mature Content

MelroseBase by gauche0gallery

Mature Content

Base: Sienna by chloemalloyart

3. Even when reused over and over again, artists often change/edit them in surprising ways.
the pale man by TheThirdAct .:Tomb Raider Underworld:. by FionaCreates :thumb166362448: Oh Deer by pxl-scr4tch
Vanity by Sir4Sissors Kurzick Noble in Grey by isoldel :D by aerieyena   Doll 13 by xSIRENx

4. They bring people together, creating a collaboration between two (or more) artists.
Flapper With A Derringer by atacuivel :thumb79686650: Beach Collab 2009 by DollingClub
:thumb152059404: Dragyn's Steampunk Princess by phoenix1784 Gypsy Dance by tata-s-z

5. They're like fashion templates - the human figure can be your canvas and all you have to do is style like crazy.
NovemberRose by gauche0gallery i see you by TheThirdAct Ghana MDI round 2 by phoenix1784 Dolls.Alcoholic.Set by Bitterkawaii
:thumb74015691: Champagne? by gauche0gallery :thumb152395363: Polca Megi by piximera

6. Making bases is good anatomy practice - an awesome excuse to draw the human figure.
:thumb143118907: Brigh - wave 1 by blood-cocoa :thumb135449182: Natural Bases Set 1 by isoldel

Mature Content

BASE: Jumper: I and II by Rami-crazyfox
:thumb155460010: Coquette - Medium-large base by RustChic :thumb147613798:

7. They're fun. 'Nuff said.
NephyBase Set by Emilie-la-vraie :thumb165269120: Douchan by ichigo-tan
Mel by abzdragon Coccinella by Nikimuk :thumb129041021: Le Petit Prince by frandemartino Holly Golightly by atacuivel
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missvampyzdesignsHobbyist Digital Artist
these are awesome and ur right they help ppl who can't draw on pcs, i'm glad some agrees
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Now THESE are the real doll bases!
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thank you so much for the feature, a little late in replying lol but thank you so much. xxx first feature for this base. xxx
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K3nel1OSHobbyist Writer
Two reasons bases do not rock:

1. Tracing anime screenshots.
2. MS Paint scribbling and posting it in the pixel art category and then putting an overload of stamps saying "LIEK I ONLEE USE MS PAINT TAEK DAT PS USERZ"

But, yeah. I like original ones and while I'm not the best at using them, I use them until I get better and I'm happy with that.
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LadyHazyStudent General Artist
Those aren't the sort of bases I mean to promote.
After all, should the existence of unoriginal and/or subquality art affect those who really care about their own art? I think not.
CousCoussina's avatar
I've seen it just now, but thank you for the feature!!
=D =D
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Hey, thanks for the feature!
RebeccachuC1992's avatar
LOLOLOLOL I made this account because of that ~RebeccasBaseCenter
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NikimukHobbyist Digital Artist
:heart: :heart: :heart:
There's nothing else I can say. :love:
RiEile's avatar
That's right.))

Thank you for featuring my Leo base.)
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5T1N9R4YHobbyist General Artist
I didn't know some of those O: This rock I've been living under isn't very cozy either.
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LadyHazyStudent General Artist
The view from my rock is nice. o:
5T1N9R4Y's avatar
5T1N9R4YHobbyist General Artist
Not from below it's not. Believe me, I tried yours out when you were concentrating on your view.
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VayliyaProfessional General Artist
<3 Hazy :)
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mokia-sinhallHobbyist General Artist
Awesome article Hazy, I love all the dolls/bases you featured! <3
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cabadrinHobbyist General Artist
This is a well written article, and brings it's point across strongly.

It's lovely.
FallenSunrise's avatar
Thank you for the feature ^_^ Love this article <3 so much gorgeousness in one place makes me happy ^_^ Can't believe there are so many amazing dolls/bases I've missed seeing o.O
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ExilliorHobbyist General Artist
:love: :love: :love:
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I used bases for a while, and DAMN did my art improve afterwards. The eyes, the poses... :D... yeah, I used traced bases, which I'm pretty much opposed to now, but still, look at my art pre and post-base :D

I didn't use bases forever, I took inspiration from them for future drawings :)
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LadyHazyStudent General Artist
I think engaging in ANY art form helps improve one's art (as long as there is actually a drive to improve, that is xD). The awesome thing about dolling is that it's free, it's fun and it's practice all rolled in one. <3
jocund-slumber's avatar
Nethertheless, I love you for this article. You backed it up with EXAMPLES :D
LadyHazy's avatar
LadyHazyStudent General Artist
Thanks. I couldn't think of a better way to convince. ;D
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TerresDeBrumeHobbyist Writer
BASES Rock =)

The previous article was an apology off Ripoff, and that Sucked! ><
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