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Pixel Package: Egypt

This would be exactly what I spent all my day yesterday on. It is what I call a 'pixel package'. This one is a work in progress because I have a lot more I am planning to do. They are basically references that can be used during pixeling that include pallettes, skin tones, some examples of clothing, eye colors, etc. If anyone has an suggestions feel free to say so in a comment :D

This package includes:
- 3 Egyptian-like Skin Tones
- 5 Eye Colors
- 9 Sand pallettes
- 1 Example of a Pyramid
- 1 Pyramid Palette
- 2 Examples Females Egyptian Clothing
- Some examples of Egyptian Jewlery
- 3 Examples of Egyptian Styled Make-up
- 1 Example of a Common Egyptian Symbol

Bases used are my own. Please do not use them without my permission.
Pixel Package and Idea (c) copyright Feel free to use as reference and you do not have to give me credit, but it would be nice.
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Oh and by the way, jpg is bad, it does this:…
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Thank you for the palettes, I'm not too good at making them for things like sand :D
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This is such a great idea. I'm sure other people have spent hours searching on the net for pictures to use for inspiration, and here's a bunch in one place!
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woow! thoese are cool. i like them. =)
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