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The Grand King

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Tried a different painting method for my first Haikyuu!! fanart!
I love Oikawa' he's just great.

Haikyuu (c) Haruichi Furudate
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What a perfect image *__*x

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oo i got this print during animaga last year-- wish it was even bigger print cos it's just so beautiful <3
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I bought this today an Smash and I love it!! The royal theme is just so fitting and the shadows are amazing! Really really cool
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I'm not a big fan of Oikawa, but this is simply beautiful. Well done☺
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Why you are so perfect!!!? I wish I could draw like you *-*
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just finished watching this 2 months ago. so awesome!
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Those epic drawing skills! My eyes can't take the awesomeness!
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I love this painterly style so much!! I hope to see more artworks like this!!! ^_^
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Oikawa *^*!! I love the fierce arrogant expression in his face~ 
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Really nice work on the face 
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OMG I've seen it during the livestream but never thought it would came out THIS GOOD! Also, this new painting style looks really professional, great job!
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This looks amazing! :heart:
I really like the coloring style!
Do you think you'll draw more Haikyuu fanart in the future?
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This is really good!! :D
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This is beautiful!!! great work!!! :la: :la:
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Great work. 😀
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Jesus christ take me now
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Oh dear lord :heart:
Oikawa is one of my favorite characters from Haikyuu!! If not the ultimate favourite, his personality is so dimensional and uugh
The painting method looks incredible!!
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Wow I really love the lighting and texture to this! And of course your ability to mimic the art style is always impressive. Fantastic work.
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Hahaha omg that is so perfect! xD
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I shall love you forever! This is amazing!!! :lovely: :omgomg: Epic La la in love :iconiexplodedplz::La: in Love with :Dummy: 
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