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Collision Chaos

If your wondering this is when classic Amy gets kidnapped by Metal Sonic in Sonic CD.

Fanart from yesterday's livestream, I actually don't like how it turned out but I had this sketch from a long time ago and I wanted to finish it.

I'm going to Livestream in few minutes today too, hope to see you guys there!

Thank you very much also to those who watched the livestream, I really appreciated it!!!


Sonic, Amy, Metal Sonic (c) Sega
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Ah~ Yesh~ Where Mecha! Sonic-kun shows up in a fancy NORMAL CLASSIC ORIGINAL Sonic way. Speaking of which, some theories say that Mecha! Sonic-kun is the REAL Sonic-kun. I don't know if it's true but I don't really believe it. Believing: 15% Not Believing: 85%

Ah yes. The moment the 2 titans met.

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Any way I could get a print of this?
Metalsonicgamer06's avatar
Classic me: I'll take that thank you *snatches Amy and flys away*
sawnikheoghehg's avatar
now i kinda want a classic sonic anime
DannyWapBang's avatar

Mobius Redrawn (a project I've been toiling away at for 2 years) is kinda one, but it's more of a 90s cartoon.

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Wow soo good it was
Kirby0189's avatar
Sweet! It looks like it could be a screenshot from an anime!
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fnafrules111's avatar
Classic Metal Sonic: DIE FAKER
Classic Sonic: what the fudge
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theninjakid14's avatar
Aw, dangit! I thought this was for reals! ;-;
lucas5672's avatar
Strange, isn't it?
cookiepink3's avatar
Just slap on an icon like boomerang or Cartoon network, or even that TV rating sign at the top and you're good to go. XD

(Not saying that you have to, of course!)
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Great artwork!
I love this game.
xDARKxSKULLZx's avatar
No lie, this looks like a scene from a Sonic T.V. Show. Lol.
DarkraiHero06's avatar
Okay, a nostalgia brick just hit me.
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