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Pokemon Cross Stitch Tutorial

By ladygekko
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I was asked a few times how I did these. So I thought I would show everyone.

This is just the way I do it. I'm sure there are better ways.

If you don't understand my cross-stitching instructions, I'm sure there are a million websites that explain it better than me. I'm just a geek who likes cute little things to put on purses and shit. Muahaha.
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TheVulgarGamer's avatar exactly do you make the grid? That's where I'm lost. I understand everything else perfectly, it's just the actual making of the grid. :/
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This is awesome.
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so... how would you recomend keeping the white background from absorbing any of the oils/dirton your hand. I crossed stitched maybe... twice prior... back in high school. And I remember that was a problem I had. X.<
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I should totally try this! Thanks for the tutorial! :D :+fav:
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This is awesome! I tend to do things the difficult way and never even thought of using a grid. So I end up struggling, trying to make sure all my stitches are where they're supposed to be. I'll be using this idea for my towel project, thanks much.
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Very well made tutorial! Thanks!!! :D
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Sorry, I forgot to ask. What program are you using to make the grid and combine it with the sprite? Will Paint.Net do the same thing?
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Thank you so much for this! I've only been able to do PokeBalls because they were so simple, but now I can expand it! :D
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i always wanted to learn how to cross stitch, and since i love pokemon so much this is my initiative :D
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this is awesome! thank you for the tutorial!
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I do something similar for my cross-stitch work. I mainly do 8-bit characters, so I just blow them up in MS paint, chart out the pixels, and match the thread to the colors as closely as possible. If I am doing it on fabric, I use waste cloth, otherwise I use Aida.
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Congrats! Your tutorial has been featured here :)
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This will be extremely useful - I plan on cross stitching all the Pokemon once I've finished with my current project
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*has a sudden urge to cross stich now*
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This is genius! <3
I never thought of cross-stitching pokemon this way XD

Thanks for sharing~!
Very nice! Pardon me for asking, but what program did you use for the grids? And when you said '14x14' grids, do you mean 14x14 pixels? Or *if* you don't mind, is it OK for you to make a gridded Shuppet for me? I'm sorry for the buttload of questions.
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This is good but you did not mention how you knew what color thread numbers you needed.
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sorry... need to fave :P
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this is so cool! =D thanks for posting how to do thus <3
i am absolutley obsessed with pokemon, and when i saw your tutorial i pretty much flipped out. but im a little lost, what program did you use to make the grid??
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You could use any program. I'm poor and just use MS paint to do this :)
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I have a question that I can't find the answer to anywhere online. How do you get the graphic to go on top of the graph? Do you have to use a program like Photoshop?
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